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Do not miss sister sister by fdjerue7eeu


									Do not miss sister sister

 sister did not go out for work

 missing sister,

  missing sister city of Santai County in Mianyang of Sichuan Province Jianzhong
Township Central Elementary School sixth grade four classes of trade Jubilee
  My sister than I am old, long hair flowing, eyes, God, is a beautiful girl. Junior high
school did not graduate due to family poverty can not get to school. When I read the
first grade sister married out, year after Alfie with his family to go out on working
with the husband, from just going to work no more than three years has been returned.
My father and I do not know how much I wanted him.

 Although she often has to remitted some money, but money can not be replaced, no
substitute for our thoughts to her, though to ourselves to give back to hit a telephone
greeting, asked me to study hard so that father to your body. But just the phone
communicate with each other just is not enough. Now, we gradually become better-off
homes, clothes to wear, food to eat, but this is inadequate, the lack of a feeling, a kind
of affection between family members.

 had a song goes: "Bring a smile, bring wishes Changhui Jia led the children to
see ......" I would like to create this song's mood, were also and I am now the same.

 I think about my sister, ah, time flies, I fear, I fear that this expectation is always,
always different. I'm afraid, I'm afraid I'll suddenly go over time, and finally not
coming back. Expectations with a life time away. But I firmly believe that there will
always be looking forward to one day become a reality.

 sister, you know I'm waiting for you back?

 Instructor: Wu Zongjun
 Comment: This article feelings of sincere, very moving. Sister caught some
extraordinary cases, reflecting the sister's inner world, to seize a person's features to
description, depiction, from the composition in the description, revolves around the
thoughts of my sister.

 Submission :2005-4-2112: 31:28
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