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Disabled World Disabled World


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									Disabled World Disabled World

 disabled persons in the world they know

 Disabled Persons Disabled World

 world of the East Building, Second primary years Class Linjia Fan

  there is a person, they were destined fate - born disabled. However, they had a will,
is the common people can not do - strong. They inherently special people: It is not the
language can be used to talk, but can be used to convey emotional body; Although we
can not really see the colorful world, but can use a pair of small ears to listen to every
corner of the world in every square one voice ? ? ? ? ? ?
  wonderful world they see, hear beautiful songs, but they have a pure heart. They
always quietly quietly in some corner of the world's flowering; them deeply for the
health of people forever bless.
  they are optimistic, cheerful, lively, they like us, like health setbacks to commit
suicide. They know the significance to the world; they know why God sent them to
the world; they know that people live in this world is to be happy, is to happiness.
  to know themselves and other people's body does not like them, do not despair. Is
better to face life every disaster. They know that as the disabled, the face of the
ridicule and indifference, but they also know that to not let other people looked down
upon, should a strong, serious living.
  love people who do not want to so they are suspicious, they do not want because of
their disability affects the well-being of others. They began to learn self-reliance,
learn to write with a feet; learned the blind to see the book ? ? ? ? ? ?
  disabled, is our role model. They give us shape the life goals; them about us than we
are suffering story; they tell us should be optimistic in the world, encountered some
setbacks should not commit suicide, live in this world must have a solution, just look
at you failing to properly handle.

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