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Difficult victory victory victory


									Difficult victory victory victory

 tough victory in the students competition

 tough victory

 tough victory
 Alexander the school to Taiyuan, Shanxi Province six-year intervals Ching
 Fan this afternoon is the 56 year student of the world "big" day. Because the snake
run competitions to be held, for running this type of game, we are all surprised by.
Therefore, also do well prepared.

 PM to the school, the two classes the same as the water flows away, all the students
down, "spectators." Among them, the running of the students is extremely excited,
because after a while, they must "show their talents," the.

 rapidly finished the fifth grade competition, round our sixth grade, our class was in
the second, very good.

  as the "Woo" and whistle, a thrilling race began. Our class of first and second rod is
Wang Yue and Yangliuqing, they both can be considered among the girls a Scud, but
from the point of view the situation, not how optimistic, classes and four classes than
ours. However, I then I thought: What kind of stick the first two? Wonderful yet to
come! : "Oh," front of the students do not know who told a cry, I am glancing:
Xiao-Ying dropped the ball! "Did not how fast, it has again ... ... hey!" I reluctantly
said something. Strange to say, in the abnormal nervous before the race I was relaxed
state of mind now and kept saying to myself: "Never mind, all right, will be able to
recover to the" to Cui Ying ran, she quickly took the ball , finally break free of the
reins like a horse, the wind generally washed out, amazing! We and the four classes,
classes of distance has narrowed. I thought Ren Jing, and can narrow the gap further.
However, the good thing is, Ren Jing, and did not answer the strike, when she picked
up the ball like a Lixianzhijian rush out, it was already one step too late. I snappily
cursed: "Damn what a solid ball away off!"

 as the air force "critical juncture, 'cold' does not run, let Cai Ma, in front of me. So , I
am pretty grateful to the air force, the students "critical moment a cold." connected to
the ball like a deer when Mr Choy, like, walked briskly out to, my heart once again
pulled it up, if landing in thicket of how to do? if not then how stable do? to the class
how to do end up with more? my mind there numerous case, look at Cai came back, I
would not much like, had to fight one. I connected to the ball, so that their all the
strength, ran very quickly, when running in the back, probably too anxious, I made a
stagger, and then handed the ball again to Bangladesh. Although I like mad to get, but
our class and two four classes still have a gap. Therefore, more than two, four, this
arduous task fell on the shoulders of the boys.
 flexible Bangladesh can be a little like rabbits, for the boys from a leading role, boys
are boys, the ball quickly and run up and look like a workaholic, had It is magnificent.
Emperor it pays off, Qin Zhang Li Yang ran in, he was like a shell leaving just the
shells, top speed rushed back to catch up with the classes, Ma, jumped up excitedly. I
was simply not believe his eyes, it was Ma, you?? how ... ... to see around those
cheerleaders, shouting hoarse voice are all red in the face of really love the class!

 Although catch up with the classes, but now there is still a gap between the four
classes, some students see the back of every effort to run, chase. When Cai Tianze
back, We have four classes of about one meter gap, I shook my head, do not have
confidence to say: "hey! Usually four classes hidden, now blockbuster, we can only
second place was. "But God always love to tease people, hope in turning out a total of
four sheets slipped. This, but let us rejoice. Liu Chong sing a clean sweep of a camel
back, the difference between our class in order to further the advantage won the first

 we cried, cried excitedly. but tears, tears of success; happy tears; happy tears!!

 guidance teacher: Ma Weilan

 Received :2004-11-2611: 53:51
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