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					Frog frog fish despair

 desperate they are small fish frog

 desperate frog

  desperate frog
  Wuyi experiment Primary 5 (five) classes I wish Qin Ling
  few days, frogs are subjected to harassment of eagles and other animals, they have
almost lost their loved ones or friends, Calvary are distraught. They decided to
collectively jumping, Be the break, in order to not let themselves be intrusive. When
they read a stream, the decided to take a break here. One of them saw a frog fish
struggling on the shore, fluttering. The frog a bit soft-hearted, and put her hand off
from the fish, then gently put it back the stream. The frog is another optimistic move
saw the frog, it would like, "For fish, we are a giant fish at the last moment of life that
struggle, and we do, although faced with every day danger, faced harassment by other
animals, but now we do not have to live right?, do we not like a fish? lost confidence
in life, lose hope, give up the pleasure of enjoying life, we are not too pessimistic
about it? "it immediately to their own idea to the partners and persuade them not to
think bad things would in a suicide. Frogs are only momentary impulse dizzy head,
listen to a little frog that all sober, and also think it is right to give up the idea off.
Days later, they happy to live in the pond. This is also thanks to persuade small frogs
made it, otherwise, they now fell to his death down a cliff.

 This story tells us a reason to be confident in life and hope, not a difficulty on the
back, can not be too pessimistic, you say is not it?

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