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Delicious corn on the cob corn on the cob corn by fdjerue7eeu


									Delicious corn on the cob corn on the cob corn

 delicious corn on the cob corn layer

  delicious corn on the cob
  delicious corn on the cob
  Foreign Language Primary School 56 class Guo Jianning% D % A
  at noon today, my father to take home two bags of corn on the cob, a bag of corn on
the cob is a common, grain plump, sweet yellow, each about Banchi long; the other
bags are so-called "sticky corn "tall, thin, thin, almost like as malnutrition. I'm not
optimistic about it.
  I eat corn on the cob was the best. I grabbed the bag and ran into the kitchen and
started peeling, preparing for a delicious meal.
  I first come up with a little corn, carefully, layer by layer, the stripping of the seven
or eight layers of it, ye is not out of it, I almost lost patience with him. Finally, peeled
off a ten-layer maize library later, I saw the true colors be. Yo, slim corncob are full
and tender corn kernels, white, and is also suffused with a layer of gloss, Brilliant all
look like a newborn baby's skin, smoothness supple, full of refined gas. Then peel the
second, wow, this is a black and red grains of corn, as is the color of ripe purple
grapes, but not so uniform, but also very good read. Did not expect such a homely
little corn, and there is pretty tempting, do not know how taste like.
  I put a few little sticky How many pieces of corn and a large common yellow corn,
will fall into the whole into the pot, pour in Sheung Shui, put pan ignition, just so
everything was settled, enjoy delicious!
  few minutes later, the water open. My restless, stood a moment, a moment they sat
down, while the lid to see, smell, simply can not wait. Yet leaves the pot corn on the
cob, full house, the aroma had me drunk faster.
  finally, I get the father's permission, that is done. I whipped jump, with a strainer,
remove and corn on the cob, attend to let cool, targeting the small, bite, the Hong ah,
ah this tender, soft, smooth, the United States, cool, not like what words can not
accurately describe sticky and sweet, sweet with a smooth, tender was refreshing, the
U.S. was obsessed with! I ate 56 small series of corn, delicious dead and wanted to eat
one ah, but stay the stomach too, had to make the stomach to digest digest, and so will
eat it!

 Instructor: Liu Wanmei

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