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 dance of joy

 dance of joy
 Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, Anyue the town of sixth grade classes in Yueyang
 a pleasant music, a beautiful dance, a group of precise expression, together with the
audience's applause, that is - dance.

  dance, I am neither his training as a professional, nor see him dispensable. as a
hobby, it is a pleasure in my life. throughout the year, despite the severe cold and heat
I always used consistently The perseverance to practice. bored with dancing to fill
their time, exercise their own healthy body, strong will hone their own, exercise their
elegant temperament ... ...

  dance - not easy. it is necessary to understand music content, but also accurate use of
body language to express, but also to the audience the purpose of infection. "platform
for a minute, the audience ten years of practice," it takes time. Sweat and the will to
hone. Sometimes twisting the waist, there is foot cramps, and sometimes hand was
injured ... ... Although the body tired, but I'm not complaining. In particular the
thought that only through their own efforts to achieve recognition of the audience,
there is always a kind of bitter heart feeling for the music. This process of pursuing, is
it not a joy it?

  dance - very happy. When you dance out in the painstaking arrangement of the light
on, in the elaborately decorated stage, in people's applause and cheering, to their
feelings this effort to demonstrate to the audience, the audience get to enjoy the beauty,
it will experience the process of this contribution is not also a kind of happy?

 dance - there is also easy to difficult, there Huan and sorrow; not only brought
happiness to others, letting his to happiness, or to enrich their own lives, physica l and
mental health. Is this not a do well in life?
 Instructor: Xu Xuelan

 Submission :2004-4-1521: 16:02
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