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					Dad Zhuoshu mouse father

 father found a mouse look

 father Zhuoshu

 father Zhuoshu Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing County Ke Yan Yonghong fifth grade
Mo streets cheering

 early this morning, I found my father running around holding a broom. Went
downstairs and saw that my father in the mouse.

 father to see me down the stairs, quickly let me hold the door. Seeing rats running to
my side, I hurriedly stopped it blocked. The mouse can be tricky from my feet
suddenly channeling the past, I wits scared. Shouted the escape to the outside. Dad
saw that I can not help you, tell me to shut the door, to prevent rats escaping outside. I
shut the door, across the door to see my father-and-mouse. I saw rats escape, father
chase, mouse hiding, and my father to find. Seeing the mouse would be caught, can be
several times that it escaped. Catch up later, Dad tired out of breath, scared mouse
squeaks scream, that scene was just like cat and mouse cartoons.

 over a period of time, my mother opened the door and found mouse did not catch,
but mess at home, Dad would laugh too useless to even have this little mouse grip.
Dad was speechless with anger to, swear to catch this mouse, definitely put it hacked

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