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 father drunk mother hangover

  drunken father of Changzhi City in Shanxi Province, Xinhua six primary system 5
(3 ) class Qin Wei
  My father was a manager, often wine server, something about not practicing is not
enough. This evening, I was with my mother to see "We Were Young", a phone call
from his father's colleagues: dad drunk!
  mother immediately Beiqishubao, hurried toward the hotel. Just leave me alone
  little while children, mother, aunt and uncle hobble around covered the alcohol
father came home and dragged him to the bed, covered with a quilt. He immediately
  harmful drinking, I really can not think, according to the extent of drunk father, who
in the end how much wine to drink.
  I ran over to Baidu, the search for sober approach. Sober up tips, but varied. What
sugar hangover, hangover salt, milk hangover, candy hangover ... ... what people see
dazzling. In the end with what is good? Dad does not love sugar, salt appears to be the
most suitable for his hangover, and I hastened to tell his mother. Quickly go to dad
mom washed a cup.
  look at the way my father uncomfortable. I am very sad. Can not help but think:
Why do people drink so much alcohol do? Drink harmful to human health, can create
a non-intoxicating liquor drink it? But do not drink wine to create what formula it
again and again? Or eat a tablet before drinking can drinking drunk like it! This series
of questions in my mind.
  drink is not conducive to good health, delay, affecting the image. And drunk driving
is dangerous. So I advise people to drink moderately, or not drinking. In addition,
such a good father hangover after I talk to him. Same time, I determined to learn,
grow up to develop a wine is not drunk, hangover medicine!

 Teacher: Su-Ping Zhao
 reviews: the child's heart is pure and simple, the child's love is sincere and simple.
Of this article to a drunken father, loved ones worry, "I" The fine portrait of the
profound heartache, to depict a realistic person event. and to further rise to a height:
Calling people to drink moderately, care of the body!
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