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 Dad's beard

 Dad's beard
 Fujian Province Ningde City Experimental Primary School, five Three Pingnan Lin
 father looks Zhenshuai: a square face, with bright eyes, high nose, chin, still plugged
in a string of a string of stinging beard. Whenever I test a high score to go home, or
come across wedding, my father was shouting to be pro. Mom heard somehow
scolded him a few, and my father would make a face, hiding his side to busy to do.

 once, and my father was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper, my mother
single-handedly snatched the newspaper, staring, glaring at his father. Dad quickly
pleaded: "Gentlemen words rather than hands, something good to discuss." Beard
knives and mother handing me a mirror and said: "look in the mirror, your hair and
beard have long to me and really scraping once. "" I promise you it wants to, can
press back to me? "Mom fling the paper, and angrily walked away. Dad just scraping
by half a beard, they received a telephone call, said they approached him and told him
to immediately go to the office. Dad said nothing, put on shoes off to. How in hopes
that her mother could not bear the father had to take out the yin-yang Hu.

 flat light to two days so we all forgotten father of Yin and Yang Hu.

 third day of the county to the guests, and my father going to entertain, so the mirror
began to dress. At this time, my father discovered rugged beard, thought of the day
things did not Guawan beard, smiling from ear to ear, and hastened to scrape.

 after a few days, his father's beard and long, and I knew he was about to busy.

  father's beard: I fail, it touched me and told me not to lose heart as if failure is the
mother of success; in my success, he touched me, tell me Do not be proud, to continue
its efforts. I love my father's beard.

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