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									Cute kitten - mew mew kitty

 cute kitten Mimi moment

  cute kitten - Mimi
% D % A cute kitten - Mimi
  Weihai City, Shandong Province, Shandong Experimental Primary School 5. 1 Chen
  I recently came home a "new customers", it is a lovely cat - microphone microphone.
  Mimi, a long pair of water Lingling, sapphire-like eyes are always staring at the
round, then two rows of sharp white teeth, as if to herald his bravery. The most lovely
piece of its long tail, always Alice's high, as if to tell people that she is the most
adorable little cat.
  Mimi is not only cute but also very interesting. I remember when it first came to my
house to bear the loneliness, drill down under the table it for a while, while they drill
into the bed, No matter how you call it, it does not come out, until you play enough,
only "meow" and soon as drilling out.
  Mimi can be really smart, can understand it as we speak. Once, my friends come to
my house, I told them the story of Mimi, when I hold in the arms of the Mimi, Mimi
was a little shy, while claw me, for a while then with the teeth I can not, I had raised
his hands, said the surrender.
  cat Chi Guazai you heard it? I think you must have not heard of a cat will Chigua Zi.
But my house will Chi Guazai Mimi. Once, I ate the rest of the seeds on the table, and
then I went out and play, and can come back table, the remaining seeds on the skin,
exactly, Mimi was walking under the table, I think, Mimi is not doing it? To prove, I
put on the table has a number of seeds, Mimi saw it, and immediately jumped on the
table, creak, creak of the eat. I realized that I was doing this little Chanmao good, I
was about to put it off, can it be made in a watch-tower.
  Look, this is my little Mimi, you are not really like it you?

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