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					Colorful colorful campus in Shanghai

 colorful campus in Shanghai happy

 colorful campus

 colorful campus in Shanghai, Shanghai Pearl Primary School 5 ( 2) Class Sulei
 life in the ocean, waves everywhere happy. This sentence a bit Yes, the campus is
also colorful. Lu Xun mentioned "Sanweishuwu", however, many students said the
school is the shamisen, and only "Suanku spicy", not "sweet." School, although this is
the place to learn, but also brought me a lot of fun, do not believe, you see!

 Prelude 1: Happy Teacher

 lot of people say: "Today's primary school teachers, are all 'exam-oriented version of'
the. A severe than the one; layout from work to , a more than a 'line'! "I do not think
so. Look! Our former English teacher, Shirley, she often sang English songs to us, and
sometimes play games with us too! The joy of the teacher, any time, all smiling.
Normally, the mouth is not a humming song, that is, English-speaking children's
songs, happy like birdies.

 Prelude 2: The happy event

 even though we are the fifth-grade students, a few at most two months, we will face
secondary school examination, but we still do Some meaningful activities. For
example: at Christmas, we asked each student with a gift, and then lots are drawn,
pumped Who, Who Take the gift. There, every Friday for 10 minutes teams will each
host has its own unique set, this time playing "Subject Verb Object" to play next time,
"Malan Flower." Before each chair, the host will be a carefully prepared, all want us
to play to the most innovative GAME.

 Prelude 3: Happy students

  I did not invent the class of partners, we are very active, no special introverted
student. Although some men sometimes gloat, but overall, they are still very sunny.
Many students are good jokes. They used to "joke power," they do not care who says
the wrong thing and offend, amused laugh. I found that our friends around laughing at
least three times a day, this may be affected by the us, the "pistachio" of it! I
remember once after school, a classmate asked our claim to be "chicken" in Wen Wei
family, who have? The answer should be the "knife and fork," Hey, so humorous
pistachios, really do not laugh too hard Na!

 wonderful school na! There are happy teachers, fun activities and lively students.
Live in this campus, we really eat Pig Key - happy ah!

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