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 clean room, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang Wuzhen primary plant
material 5 (2) Shen Zhen Jie
 few days ago, my father and mother have been very busy, there is no spare time to
clean the room. Inside the home are all above ground and dust the furniture. There are
many waste ground. Dirty Debu decent, I saw this scene, very sad, and sad. I thought
that he has two hands, cleaning the house this kind of thing I would do, why can not I
started cleaning it? Yes, let me come to clean the room now!

  went ahead and I immediately brought up a broom and a dustpan. I first went on the
floor with a broom sweeping dust and garbage. I sweep them together and then loaded
up with a dustpan, trash outside the door down to go up. Come back, I see the ground
more light than before. Then, I brought a wet rag and a bucket of water, the furniture
rubbed over and over again. Rub well the furniture, I looked for a moment, think that
these new furniture bought the same butter, spotless. Me it looked in the bucket of
water, oh, dirty dead, as black as ink. "Ah, the original so dirty Yeah!" I can not help
but cried. Then, I brought the mop to the floor and drag. I drag the right-left delay,
before the delayed drag. Floor from time to time, "Zizi" sound, as if to thank me too! I
sweat straight for too dirty, as if, like rain. I feel a little tired. Then, I saw a clean floor,
clean the room, laughed in joy.

 at night, my mother praised me. I thought more happy, more than just eating honey
still sweet!

 today, although I am a little tired, but by the mother's praise, but also know the
valuable and hard work, value!

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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