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					Chu Yan bottom of the cat kittens

 bottom Swallow Chu Yan cat

  bottom of the cat
  Yizheng City Experimental Primary School fifth-grade girl walked Wu Chun Yun
light footsteps came quietly around us, the river is also out of the new willow
branches, the window of the peach blossoms a smile, a good pack of vibrant scenery.
In this blooming season, the Swallow flew back from the south, to spring added some
  at a sunny morning, I was a leisurely walk in the yard. Suddenly, I found a bird's nest
under the eaves. Yan mother to their baby is fed. Oh well, a Chuyan to snatch food,
was hit by brothers and sisters to squeeze down and fell to the ground, issued a "Jiji"
and shouting, as if to say: "Come Help me!" I was in front of all shocked!
  I am just going to run in the past will fall on the floor of the Swallow picked up, I
did not realize my family was a new born kitten actually driving fast like running in
the past. I quickly hid watching this "cat case of Yan" in the good play!
  swallow much more than cats though, but my family this cat a new born, what
insight does not, on the only Chuyan also have a somewhat afraid of it!
  step by step, saw cats near the Chu Yan, besieged with the Swallow loop after lap, it
appears to be seriously looked at this strange guy, followed by "meow" cried twice, as
if to say : "What do you object? how much longer and we are not the same?"
  then, it erected a small slender claws gently touched the small Chuyan about, no
movement, ran a few times, or nothing in the guts ... ... could not help big cat up his
claw mercilessly Naoliao about Chu Yan, Ji Ji Swallow cried or two, struggling with
straight back, the cat also "horrified": "This Road, the end is valid and, would be
called?" was also quick to back up three steps.
  cat, but curiosity has driven to Chuyan side, it is out of his nose to smell the little
creatures. Who knows, it was hard and how long beard binding to the small Chu Yan's
body, small Chu Yan screams to fan the fan wings, playing in the cat's face. Cat
"meow Woo" sound run away, it scared, did not expect this little creature was so
powerful ah!
  hidden side of me can not help but laugh: "District Xiaoyan actually be intimidated
by the cat, hey, it seems my house cat is really a bottom of the cat Yeah!" Then, I
moved the ladder will Chu Yan safe return home.
  look at their whole family together, I laughed.

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