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Chrysanthemum Table truth bags bags


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									Chrysanthemum Table truth schoolbag schoolbags

 chrysanthemum truth bags Teacher's Day

 Chrysanthemum Table truth

 Chrysanthemum Table truth
 Guangxi Liuzhou Dragon City experiment a total of four secondary schools in early
2004 stone Lu
 sun drenched the earth again, I skipped to the school Beiqishubao walked. Today is
September 10, is an annual Teacher's Day. I already think it over, that we need to
dedicate themselves planted chrysanthemums Teacher Chang. But not face to face
gave her, but quietly sent for teachers ll buy it.

  quiet campus, I could not even attend to put to school, he took Daisy crept to the
window to the office of Teacher Chang. I looked at the inside, but fortunately, no one
in the office, my heart secretly pleased. Zhang saw the teacher's desk with an open
display "language exercise book", not the middle sandwiched a set of Gail's red pen
next to them the half-open bottle of ink Red Rock brand, a bundle of thick thick
language workbooks, there is a turn "on Sept. 10, the Chinese Teacher's Day"
calendar, ... .... I would also like to work in the Teacher Chang ago, the
chrysanthemum into sheets on the teacher's desk, I did not expect so early to the
Teacher Chang. Moment, no doubt to go to find information. The thought of my mind
emerged: in the day, Zhang bright classroom teachers worked tirelessly for our
lectures; in the night, she worked tirelessly in the light of our correcting homework
under the picture. Zhang and your talent to our culture, you shed much sweat, how
much effort spent ah!

 I thought that a "into the Liuzhou" class meetings, it is class representative to
participate in the city district school competition class meetings. Chang the teacher
receiving the task, we collect information on the organization immediately, rehearsal.
Every rest day, Zhang teachers give up their rest, organize our rehearsals, often to
19:00 more he does not. More than one month after the joint efforts of our teachers
and students, finally won the fairly good results, for the school win the honor.

 My God! Is the sound of footsteps, must Teacher Chang back, I entered the room the
body tilted forward, smiling right hand into her pen in chrysanthemum, and then ran
quickly like run to the classroom. To the classroom, I think Miss Zhang pleased to see
the scene when the chrysanthemum, Tiantiandexiao the.

 Zhang teacher, you are like silkworms, like candles, Each his own wire, each heat,
without reservation dedicated people, dedicated to us. I planted this beam
chrysanthemums I offer you, the teacher, your hard work. I wish you a happy holiday,
students everywhere.
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