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									Cactus flowers already blooming

 cactus flower is now over three

 cactus flower the
 cactus flower a
 Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary 6 ( 2) Zhu Yu

  My family has an exquisite ceramic pots, placed in the window of the balcony.
Ceramic pot with a cactus species. This cactus is not great, only one of my fist, but I
have raised it two years time. It's like a strange, big top, the following small, as if
about to stand up must come down.
's on April 2 this year, this one cactus hairy head grow three things, I started thinking
that this is only the first three shoots, trying to forget it knocked off. Later, I read, I do
not right, will not be ... ... on second thoughts, or do not get the first down, take a look,
later identified as intended to be too late. Thus, these three things keep me down this
  day day after day passed, and those three things are really strange, and sometimes all
of a sudden storm, long, large number; Sometimes a little series for a week did not
change, if it has stopped growing up.
  until one day, I came out of the window they see a tree cactus. This is a routine
observation. Hey, those three things have become so hairy beautiful, so chic. It has
opened the following cactus may have three times as big, but the head also opened
three large white flowers. This morning glory flower with a little less, but bigger than
the number of morning glory.
  for a while I smell the flowers, ah, really makes this charming floral intoxicated. You
see, that charming floral fragrance issued, has attracted 56 to come to honey bees.
  ah, the cactus flower is really good!

 Teacher: Feng Yongkang

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