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But the angel on the


									But the angel on the

 Angel of desire, but on a


 Angel, Kunming, Yunnan Wuhua Pioneer Primary School 61 Ban Lee Tien-yu
 Angel, a magic wizard, fantasy often with angels, angels desire to come home. And
careful people will be surprised to find that angel on your side.

 spring the initiation of all things, but something even worse was what, by the way, is
the vivid green grass, is Hanbaoyufang the bud, is the willow on the new shoots, is
"crashed, suddenly gathered La "flowing stream, the angel did not hesitate to give this
all a good and honest people.

 summer, the hot sun so that people are hiding in the house afraid to go out, it all
seems to make the summer season has become a nuisance, what is needed to fill it?
By the way, is cool, light rain, is the shade tree, is the wet sand, is the passion of
surfing, is a cool breeze, it all is the people's desire for the summer, generous smile,
the angel gave them humans.

  fall in, not hot not cold weather seems to make people feel refreshed, but such a
good season as a lack of what, by the way, is the golden ears of corn, is Manshan red,
is the geese flying south, this angel has decisively given the good of all people.

 winter, the biting cold wind made people have to wear a thick coat, so that an
individual who becomes heavy, winter appears to have other people feel boring.
Angels, and then the air, all of this, well aware of people's grief, so, she gave that
white winter snow, falling earth, so that in winter become so pure, she was warm for
the winter sunrise, so that winter With the touch of the warm morning since then,
winter has become a matter of looking forward to good season. See all the angels are
a warm, feel happy.

 cycle of four seasons, Angel, always a time when people most need help there. When
people are most upset at the angel gave them help, in a time when we are most sad,
angels are always by my side to accompany us so that we gradually began to feel the
happy; However, we are most happy when the Angels, but also still accompany us
happy to share with us a happy, fun. Since then, we became very good friends Angel.

 matter of fact, angels are everywhere, but the angel is next debate the issue of non-of,
kind-hearted people will be good gifts, but does not love all people will not get the
grace of an angel, because they do not have a good heart, how it will have better
everything? In fact, each one has a good heart in the existence of angels, as long as
you actively look serious, look, you will find her presence. My friends, let us go home
to find an angel - a beautiful mind it!
 Tutor: A Consideration of
 Comment: pen smooth, beautiful, pregnant with meaning

 Submission :2004-5-2212: 02:12
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