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Broken pencil pencil sharpener


									Broken pencil sharpener pencil

 broken pencil sharpener pencil Primary

 pencil sharpener Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, quiet Shan Primary School 5
(A) class Lu Yujie sum of learning inseparable good partners. Natural and ultimately
broken pencil pencil.
 very small, I always like to grasp a pencil drawing on white paper painted coating.
But whenever the pencil breaks, the bother of things to come. Sliced with a little
pencil, it is laborious, and cut out the pencil rugged and easier to cut hands, so pencil
the issue, by the father and mother take care of.
 on the primary school, my father bought me a pencil sharpener. Instrument allows
more convenient, as long as the pencil inserted into the hole, gently rotating a pencil
can be cut out, I no longer have to worry about cut hands. However, if the hard
uneven, it is easy to pencil Xiao Duan, and cut out of the debris will be fluttering
around, the mess at home, but also often provoke adults blame.
 Now, I have no pencil sharpener, and replaced by a pretty advanced pencil sharpener.
This is my birthday, uncle sent to me. It has a rectangular body, wearing a pink dress,
but people like the above painting of the delicate designs. You see, a Pompous Mickey
Mouse, dressed in a colorful dress was the sun dance too! Pencil sharpeners and more
scientific design, two storeys. The top layer is used to dig the pencil, hold down the
button to launch the first hand to help planing device, then insert a blank in pencil,
then shake the handle can easily scratched pencil freely. This time you will not worry
about floating debris scratched out, as it has been automatically poured into a plastic
box the layer below.
 ah, our products are more advanced, our lives will get better and better.

 Teacher: Lv Wangfang

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