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					Brilliant brilliant night candle

 candle shining night their

 candle shining

  candle shining
  Xiqiao Xiqiao Central Primary School 604 Fu Shu-Fang
  dark, candle flashing their brilliance, lighting up the dark road. And you ------- Liu,
candle seems that the general, for others sake, and not worry about their own. I can
not sweet talk to describe you, but I'm really eager to play in a day to share the
courage to tell you: "You seem a lighted candle to illuminate the path of our voices!"
% D % A recall was issued that day language volume day, I played early, and to return
to school to see results. Right hope hope left, until you finally appeared. I saw your
hands full of papers, and looked a bit glazed. I know that last night and you stay up
late. Finally the publication of the results. "Fs 95 points, Li-Min ... ... ..." read several
names, but still can not hear his name. I am closely watching the teacher's lips,
listening to the teacher's voice, fear could not clearly understand the words of the
teacher. I looked around I, students have to take on the papers, only I ... .... At the
moment I like the ugly duckling has been abandoned. I handle Zhuode hand tightly
and "boil" out of a few drops of small beads of sweat. "Shu-Fang" Somehow, the
teacher you are paused, "81," ah, this ... ... How could I be such a low score then? I
like being thrown into the abyss of suffering the same. Took the papers, the heart
more bitter, and it is impossible to guess the pain! It is a shame of the situation. Until
the evening after school, my heart still calm. An instant, your footsteps fall on the
steps of the classroom. You use the kind of tone, please leave me. I thought: "Oh!
Teacher will scold me." I saw your book in hand language, you do not scold me, but
kind and patiently explain to me the language of knowledge! You are so full of
twinkling eyes aura, it seems to tell me your heart, suddenly I take the hint. Teacher,
you worry. I will never make you disappointed.

 ah, teachers generally you seem to candles have been burning themselves. I lit up the
middle of the night to the road, so my life is glorious!

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