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					No free bird bird bird

 bird does not free the bag

 bird is not free

% D is not free bird % A primary school in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, six
years a total of four yellow money Yameng
 at noon, I as usual, foot on that familiar road home, heart and exciting.

 walk fruit stand, I helplessly witnessed that tragic moment: in a booth to sell a bird
to feather messy. Yellow bag, then the head injury a few birds are shivering in their
eyes full of melancholy and fear. A 34-year-old to the hands of his uncle with blood,
he skillfully played the yellow bag a bird on the Wang Qianmian piece wood on board,
and then thrown into the basket, take a look at the birds that look. The bird trembling
slightly, a bit, not moving a ... ... one, two, three ... ... the rest to the birds in the bag,
desperately struggling, cried sad. Stall holders in the bird feathers are ripping came to
action he is so skilled. Then exposed to a bird that naked, bright red in the flesh. 1, 2,
3 ... ... What a cruel Yeah!

  stall holders to fill dead birds to the bag and handed an aunt. Aunt faces showing
who looked with satisfaction. But she has not the slightest sympathy! Look Look at
the rows of partridge chickens, they do not like the sky free to fly. Birds in the sky so
free, how easy ah! And how helpless they are, how sad. Them to their feet tied up,
move also can not move, can only lay one by one both turning a dark little eyes, as if
anxious people to release them, they also a free. They told me that the eyes in pain,
they regret it, why should the human beings had when they think of the happy days
before that ... ... I could not watch anymore, knew it was perfectly. I feel sorry for

 on the way home, I have been re-contemplation: The bird belongs to nature, why do
you want to be treated so brutally them? Bird life, the way they are perceived! Birds
are born to fly in the sky! Not allow the slaughter of human cut! Are those who wish
to harm the birds species in the world cerebellum it? Companion birds in our lives, I
am hungry we should take care of them! We should not get disturbed the birds, which
make them free to live!
 Instructor: Liu Bin

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