Big Daddy and Daddy chess chess by fdjerue7eeu


									Big Daddy and Daddy chess chess

 father chess immediately attack the

 and the big daddy chess
 and the big daddy chess
 Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, Central Primary School, 5 (7) Ye

  at night, I am, my father playing chess. The beginning, we start with the General:
"cannon, Malay dance." The second round, my car came out at once, big daddy's gun
attack also came in, I'll bring up a horse defense, and a large Dad quite a pawn.
  handsome I moved to the right, while the big daddy of a mistake, the gun went in
front of my soldiers. I do not miss the fat front, the cannon eat. Big Daddy again
transferred to attack a vehicle, probably a little frustrated, so do not pay attention,
actually moved me like a mouth. I like a fly, big daddy's car also died. Big Daddy see
a car off a gun, it is no longer offensive, focusing on defense.
  I attack the more difficult, but after a few rounds, I finally ate beside the car in to a
disability, big daddy's will just eat my car, I said: "General to meet another!" Big Dad
had to be moved up, another one of my cars rushed into. Then have a serious tilt the
balance of victory, a large move upward only what my father would. I attacked with
guns, big father removed to fort, my first car only moved up, big daddy thought, said:
"I lost."
  I am, though my father play chess and win , but I want to continue to learn, not
  Teacher: Yuqing Qing

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