Behind Blue Sky Dream by fdjerue7eeu


									Behind the blue sky dream

 dream sky behind the mirror

 Blue Dream

 Blue Dream, Nanshan District, Guangdong Province, the former Sea View Primary
School e literature Club 6 (2) Wu Jianmin
 blue, blue heart do not know what role you do not know in your heart is supporting
or main character? No matter what, anyway, in my heart love pink symbol. Well, the
blue in my heart is the friendship of the! Great friendship! I just like the shallow blue,
sky blue, navy, because I have a friendship and protection! Have my friends around!
Is really a friend than the heavens!

 I knew seemed to fall into the blue sky, I lay on the clouds, no, no, I was wrong,
should be the blue cloud, the cloud is behind the original light blue, the sky turned a
distance can not see the near side to see immediately in front of the mirror you ah! No
longer called azure blue sky, while should be called by the blue-ah! Sky blue, blue
water is the gift behind the clouds. Mirror sky blue through the clouds behind, while
the water like a mirror have to go through the blue sky! If the blue behind the clouds
once been destroyed, if no longer behind the blue cloud, then to whom to borrow the
sky blue ah? Through the blue water to whom it ah? So that the world is losing the
sky blue, sea blue it? So I will protect it!

 I have been lying on the light blue cloud on the sky of the mirror to the people I have
printed in the mirror, others do not know what God thought it was! I'm sorry then, I've
got a back when the gods! Superstitious people still worship me, I really overwhelmed
by such a big ceremony, ah, to me as a large Romanian fairy, wish to me. I am not a
god nor a meteor, that is just an ordinary man! This truly is a dream in, ah, ah, but
look very real! I pinched under his, ah, does it hurt! This is a dream that will not be a

 suddenly became dark around them, and I almost could not see anything, just feel I
am about to cool, ice cold, can, can. . . . . . No, I touched the pants, but did not wet to,
just a bit cold. The original is now under heavy rain ok. I hate rain ah! Actually my
favorite zone into a dark blue dirty black belt! What a hateful guy ah!

 This is my blue dream! Why blue dream, words, she is my love blue!

 Instructor: Long Jiang Bing

 Submission :2005-5-3019: 46:29
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