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 bacon Tongxiang Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary 5 (2) Dai Nga
 Wednesday next week, the teacher let out a picnic of our own organizational
activities. We are very excited about hearing. Thus, the first group; then brought in the
group to discuss their respective articles. You asked me to bring bacon, and said can
not buy the bacon with, to their own salt, fresh point. So I think just a little by Sunday
to farms to buy their own salt pork to marinate.

 Sunday, as I wake up early, wait until after my mother up, they said to her: "Mom,
today I go to farms to buy food along with you, okay?" His mother said: "Of course
the. but, you want to buy something, say so we can talk about. "I said:" Our class
wildfires burning in next Wednesday to rice, the students asked me to take their own
pickled bacon. so, wait a minute to the market come back to buy some pork to
marinate for about salt. "" Well, then we buy it! "

 to the market, my mother took me to butcher the first place, to find a meat stalls. His
mother asked: "The number of pork, how much?" Who stand owners, said: "Ten
dollars a pound." "Too expensive, we buy more expensive meat, salted bacon to a
number of rib roast beans rice to eat. "" Good to! "stand owners picked us half a
semi-fine cut a piece of rib fat, with balance a little, said:" This one kind of meat is
cheaper, as long as six dollars a pound, pound half, nine dollars. "mom paid the
money, I took the meat and then looked for a moment, think a little piece of meat, fat
side. Mom: "No fat, just burn the beans, rice and lard can put a little less." I heard that
my mother right. Not say anything behind, carrying the meat with her mother to buy
some of the day and then eat something to burn.

 bought after we returned home.

 came home, I'll come up with a basin, the meat inside it, go bring salt shaker, paint
this piece of meat on some salt. I would like to smear a salt every day, so three days, I
marinate the meat certainly is delicious. After we eat will praise me. By that time, I
would say that that is I went to buy fresh pork farms then salted into the. Then we will
certainly capable and I was shocked!

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

 Submission :2005-4-2614: 44:53
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