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									Assorted fruit platter Orange do

 fruit platter apples oranges

 fruit platter to do

  fruit platter to do
  Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province Ukrainian city of
six primary plant materials (2) Zhang Yi
  fruit platter we do today, but also I ate his fill.
  class after the class teacher Shen teacher to order, we will quickly come up with a
platter of fruit to start coming. I'll wait for you to bring fruits and put together their
own future, said: "how our team can surprise move? I see we do a form of fruit cake
platter, right?" Everyone says: "Good!" Get everyone can agree on. Went ahead and
we had a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Then, a fellow student to take about a red
apple, with a sharp knife into two, put it in the bottom of the pot. Then she cut a six
apples, the apple flesh inwards, towards the outside skin stood. Wai became the lap.
Then, I ripped the skin orange, and then a separate one to the gap on Apple, I put in
Apple's circle a few orange petals, forming a small circle. Which also put some
orange peel for decoration. Another person to a pear is also sharpened to the skin on
the inside. 2 peeled longan connection with a toothpick inserted in the pears on top. I
have to do with an orange mouth. Another person inside the orange peel to the flesh
scattered at the top. The man then inserted at the top of the form of a whole carrot.
Carrot a carrot sticking out above the composition of the flower. Pears to be placed
above the carrot. Great circle formed outside Apple Sprinkle with some carrot, orange,
pear pieces, orange pieces of meat is to do some decorating. Top of each apple chips
in an orange also. It is the same as guards to defend the fruit platter. While doing our
fruit platter, while eating those extra fruit. Oh, forgot to tell you that we do what fruit
platter. He took us to a nice name, called Tortoise and the Hare. The rabbit is pear do
it lying inside the woods Orange Flap sleep. Turtles do with radish and let it crawl, it
is very hard. Do like much, really sorry, but our efforts, and also peace of mind was.
  finished, we went to see the other team do the fruit platter. They have done better
than us. Fruit Platter vary, really strange things.
  all done, the teachers class cadre score. Then, let us eliminate them hands. We
immediately up eating habits like a beggar. At this point, the laughter came the
classroom, the campus came, came to school ... ...

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang

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