; As the natural parents of the white teachers their teachers
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As the natural parents of the white teachers their teachers


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									As the natural parents of the white teachers who teacher

 natural parents and teachers who students

 as the biological parents of the white teachers
 as the biological parents of the white teachers
 5.1 First Experimental Primary School High-tech Zone Mao Tian Ran

  in this world who do not succeed in life, parents, look achievements. Most of their
children, they took great care to fold. Our teachers are always white We turn around
all day. White students say the teachers really like our birth parents.
  activity when the students are in recess accident, the white teacher always the first to
go around them, care to ask, then, quickly sent to the infirmary to the injured student,
glued to guarded. Often even the rice was no time to eat. Until they are completely
recovered, he was safely under.
  this term, the midterm exam in the near days, when white teachers from the
television that Chongqing has a white blood urgently needed in patients with AB
blood, the white teachers did not hesitate to go to the hospital offer the 400ml of
blood. The doctor said: you work too tired, and blood donors at least rest for a week.
White teacher thought: to rest for one week, then how to live? Another 4 days, it is
necessary midterm, and how can I leave the class boy! At this moment, like many,
many white teachers. The next day came early, white teachers are talking table,
quietly awaiting the arrival of students. White students saw the teacher dragged the
body to us weak class, we all moved to tears. In this way, white teachers are
accompanied us through the busy and tense second half of the review.
  blink of an eye, but also near the end of the exam. During this time, white teachers
every day give us extra lessons after school hours, whether it is basic knowledge, or
reading assignments. He left off. Both patient and careful. Hard work pays off, my
class the first year they won the region, white teachers are once again was named
"Top Ten teachers in the region." Bits and pieces of our progress and growth of white
teachers can not do without the love, you can say: white teachers do not like our birth

 Instructor: Tian Weixian
 Reviews: Write the child in mind the image of a good teacher
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