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					Bees and ants, bees, ants

 favorite industrious bees ants

 bees and ants

  bees and ants
  division of Lianyungang Port in Jiangsu Province Teachers a primary school
attached to V (2) Wu Xiao
  people like the bees, because bees industrious. Artist painted a number of bees
collecting pollen diagram, the poet wrote a lot of poems about bees, and even just
talking kids often sing "Our lives sweeter than honey."

 ants, bees, especially jealousy. Ant I always think, want to sleep, tomorrow morning
we go out to and work with bees, and bees at night with back to back. The next day,
the ants do exactly as their own ideas. Bees morning out, even ants and he left; bees
come back at night, ants also follow back. Bees and ants on it for several days.

, however, people still like bees, do not like ants.

 one day, the ants climb up the branches and a bee on it:

 "bees, ants, industrious you say we do not?"

 "hard-working, of course, hard work!"

 "so why do people just like you bees, ants do not like us?"

 "because we hard-working as a human, you diligence in order to own. "

 after this conversation, ants finally understand why people like bees, ants do not like.
And no longer jealous of the bee.

 Instructor: Jean Lee

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