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Ant ant funny laughter


									Funny laugh ant ant

 ant laughter came hurriedly

 funny ant

  funny ants, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Lin Feng completed a small sixth grade Meiqin
  playground on the students laugh brought me back to colorful childhood. There,
floating countless joyful laughter. Hearing, under the big tree, spreading waves of
laughter, not what we do in the challenge to the ants?

  It was a summer evening, I and small partners to play in the woods. Suddenly, came
the sharp cry Best Friend Man: "Come, here is what the ants really fun!" Several of us
quickly ran to see. Ah! The ants are busy moving in groups too! "Stop it, stop it."
Naughty Gin in the back encouragingly. "Scud" Fei Fei quickly get a piece of wood,
vertically placed on the ground, cut off the ants that the way forward. We all be
spectacular. Few minutes after, I saw these little things along the board a pick one to
climb, coming over this "mountain." "It seems pretty smart these little guys." I would
like. We failed, they sat together to discuss the next program. "With." I have a shot
forehead: "glue water glue water." I gave the call, everyone immediately action. We
ant divided into two halves, glue a circle painted in the middle. "See you smart or are
we smart!" I said proudly.

 more dark days, the Rays by the red, we do not point the small eyes wide open
staring at every move. The team had a sudden chaos neatly, and the ants East bumper,
West bumper, a small ant will have been "in trouble", he kept climbed up ... ... We
look at these, can not help but laugh.

 moment, Tianquan dark down. We had to go home with full of regret.

  The next day I went there early, and found an ant under a tree did not, and just over a
thin, not easily found in the sand road. Ants, by their wisdom, courage, victory over us.
Consider yesterday's "ideas", I really extremely ashamed. "Little Warrior, thank you,"
I said sincerely.
  Instructor: Wang Yifeng

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