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									And Bai-related things like Bai

  Bai-related lute as
  and Bai-related things
  wild goose language in fifth grade Xie Jia
  Tang Dynasty that was Demotion Exile's Bai, occasional lute women feel an urge to
write a poem. You said to write hymns written, non-written so long, who happens to
be "worthless" and to aim at the teachers met, we have to back! Do not tell him that if
through time and space here, and then falsely on my country?
  a result, thousands of miles in a heavy rain goes, no pots of days, we in a small room
and started the "Lute Song" recitation contest. Look, beautiful girls Xin Yuan debut it!
I saw her face to the wall pressed the back, as if people like Mo Lianxian. Our boys
are resented boring deeper and deeper to her - she is really too high, a good thief
recite poetry! I saw her face Biede red, red inside reveals a dark, glowing, dark blue,
and blue in a little green ... ... Anyway, not a lust - I to anymore. She spoke: "Xun
Jiang made the first night see a visitor, Maple Leaf Di Hua Qiu whistle ... ..." how a
points card then? Like a person walking, while hit a tree, while against a wall, it can
be someone with only a very short few minutes to successfully cross the border!
  is the second play was very ashamed of Chengpei Tian Shuai. He moved a chair, sit
sideways, directed at the other side of the blackboard, to show he is not solid on the
back of us spent a handsome, word of a plate slowly back, like a bowl of rice a to eat,
eat it for decades. However, we must admit that the old way back was good!
  third show is the Diffusing flight, he always belong to the kind of ultra-intense
people, an office, let the house to increase the tension a lot. He also moved a chair, but
standing back - take a chair seat properly, their burden to go. Carrying carrying bullets
not loaded - jammed. Saw his clenched fist, sit down, back off! Stuck again, and stood
up! Back for a while, and sat down again! So again, we stress the eyeball to come out,
he finally stumbled passed.
  I was back then Diffusing Air is the first one who dares to face the "Skeleton
Demon" their! I sat in the hall above, a film Gavel, ah no, is the eraser! Full House
chalk Fly! That we laugh ah! I met many black Ying Ying Tong under the eyes,
unafraid! With a time of one minute 56 seconds back down, then walked slowly
toward his desk, unable to stand up again ... ...
  successful need to be prepared, and everything need to be prepared! Temper will be
successful, now I'd like to thank the Bai ... ... ah! White grandfather, do not come back
from the Tang Dynasty, not ah!
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