A butterfly caterpillars leaves by fdjerue7eeu


									A butterfly caterpillars leaves

 butterfly caterpillars leaves


  butterfly Changshu City, Jiangsu Province Zhao downtown Primary 6 (3), Li Cong
  warm spring sun, I lazily lying on the leaves, enjoy the comfort. Just finished a large
leaf, I have to rest. Seems to be alive to eat, eat at the same time, through several
molting. Life is not that so? Eat, rest, molt. I have only a tiny caterpillar, can show
what earthshaking events come from?

  What was it? I lazily Weizheng eyes, Oh, get-together at the beginning of it? Flying
insects fly, dance dance, sing sing, how handsome and pleasant! But I, a caterpillar,
will not fly, do not dance, can only do so alone in the side of the audience to
appreciate them, "Carol waving." The sense of a certain good! I can not accept such, I
have to learn to fly! I cried in his heart, set ambitious.

  I was struggling to move with his clumsy body, and when I finally climbed from one
leaf to another leaf on the time, felt like traveling the entire world, the sun has already
went down. So I can fly? Why am I just a little caterpillar?

 may not be believed, this night, I sleep.

 When the sun climbed the hill, to the earth to show off its brilliance, I saw a bird
passing over in my head, heavy body than I do, it can fly freely. I suddenly
enlightened - I was a caterpillar, but I can turn into a butterfly Yeah!

  butterfly to an earlier date, I eat more of. Finally, I become "fat" in pupa. Now I look
like dead, like, yes, I did die once. I'm slowly a new form, I was experiencing the pain
of a new life, but also happy, because I dream of flying not far from it! I do not know
how many days after, my skin became thin, split, there is a new me - a butterfly.

 I am excited to see their wings, that is what a beautiful Yeah, moving in the sun
shining glory. This is me? I patted the wings, the body up and vacated, then the light!
Ah, I realized the dream when the caterpillars! Even so simple!

 It seems that life is not just eating, molting, resting, and should be co nstantly
changing, constantly growing to dream.

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