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									A well a well

 a well tiger bunny

 a well

  water well, Chengdu, Sichuan parapet County xipuzhen experiment Jia Yi Yu Yao
school 6.6
  Once a tiger, that is king of the forest. It is GTA, there are many animals are afraid of
it. So we all called it; Shanda Wang
  day of its provisions under each of the forest must give it with food every day and
who ate who did not listen. Soon after the turn of a hare. Bunny is 不忍心伤害 to
small animals than it, but do not harm themselves but also to be eaten. The little
rabbits have a way to a best of both worlds.
  castle on the way to go, hare met Xiongda Shu, Xiong Taishu concern asked: how do
you bunny did not bring food ah! Rabbits easily answered: No, I'll be fine. Having a
happy bunny right again ran to the castle. Hare finally to the front of the tiger, the
tiger did not bring food to see Bunny furious and said to eat it. Bunny Seeing
immediately explained to the king: king you may not know, I'm in the process met a
monster. It said that you eat. When I heard these words come to you as soon as you
report! Tiger heard that some people want to eat it very angry. So it is called bunny
take it to the pack that want to eat it with that person.
  bunny brought the Tigers a old well, lets look past the tiger himself. In the well, the
tiger was able to see a monster claws to it. Tiger Seeing old well feel the loss of face
Bianxiang sprang. Bunny tiger jumped into the water to see a breath of relief. Mouth
also sigh to: King does not appear to harm me of you, but you do harm to themselves
  Instructor: Yu Jinsong

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