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A TV camera lens moving


									A TV camera lens moving

 touching scene drama Qiu Shaoyun

 a moving lens

 a moving lens
 jail Shaodong County of Hunan Province sixth-grade school children Shaodong
prison Yang Qian
 read many of my TV, especially the middle one a wonderful scene made me tempted,
there is laughter "Happy Inn", a tear-jerking "Mother Love Me Again", a
wonderful ... ... can touch me most was "Qiu Shaoyun," this touching drama.
 day is the "Eight. 1" Army Day, our family sat on the sofa, turn on the TV, quietly
watching, "Qiu Shaoyun" This exciting drama. I am immersed.
 that is the battlefield in Korea, in order to capture enemy controlled, "391" high, our
military ambush in a hidden valley, ready to launch a surprise attack at dusk. May be
most to my mind is the fire burning Qiu Shaoyun uncle was the motionless body of
the lens.
 enemy use of incendiary bombs, Qiu Shaoyun his uncle was on fire, his coat had
been burned more than half in front, the enemy is standing guard, the volunteers will
be easily found that, Qiu Shaoyun uncle lying on the floor, motionless, ordinary
people suffer unbearable pain, his face was showing anger, determination of the
expression, he's grinding his teeth tightly, hand fork deep into the earth, and fire
burning in him violently.
 to see here, I really want to see what a miracle - the fire suddenly extinguished, and
my heart like a knife to pay general, I could no longer bear it, tears welling emotion,
heart, quietly said: "Qiu Shaoyun uncle While your heroic sacrifice on the battlefield,
While you always live in our hearts and the Korean people. "
 television broadcast is over, but a long time my heart can not calm down, I also
immersed in the moving lens , immersed in the Qiu Shaoyun uncle was the fire
burning while the motionless body of the lens. Qiu Shaoyun Uncle high spirit of
communism, the interests of the revolution did not see their own lives is more
important to the revolution, and would rather sacrifice their precious lives, this is how
lofty spirit ah! Well-being of our generation, what is the old revolutionary home blood
and the life, ah! We have to learn to pair them up.
 I'll never forget the ratio, and never forget Qiu Shaoyun uncle, never forget this
wonderful lens!
 Instructor: Yang Jihua

 Received :2005-11-1918: 13:32
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