A small banyan tree by fdjerue7eeu


									A small banyan tree

 banyan grandma it's a small


 banyan Pingliang, Gansu City Railway School fifth grade (2 ) Ban Dong double
 house in front of my grandma has a tall banyan tree.

 tree trunk is brown and gray, and grows in wet years. It leaves the same as the fan, a
small piece of a small piece, and green, but the leaves will turn yellow in fall.
Flowering tree will do! Summer, a flowering tree, fragrant, fluffy flowers, the color
pink pink.

 summer, people under the shade of the banyan tree, entertainment, how
indescribably comfortable. At this time, tree leaves have grown very lush, and some
aunt under a tree playing mahjong, play cards, here are bustling all day long.

 tree is not only give people convenience, its role is not small too! Every night, the
wind would blow, then there were numerous fig flowers floating down. The next
morning, grandmother to retrieve the fig flowers, put them in hot water in feet,
athlete's foot can be used to rule it! Students must remember Oh!

 grandmother and I even told banyan tree built up a strong feelings too!

  I remember one time we returned to Golmud to visit relatives, just to a few days,
grandma they clamored to go back, no one worried about water back to dry tree death,
we lived there, barely 20 days , on the way home, grandma has been talking about the
tree. Can really never expected to go home and saw off a branch had been left, reach
grandmother was furious. Also done under the tree cracked The wide gap, and I
hastened end to full basin of water to it pour, banyan Gudonggudong to drink his fill.
Since then, the grandmother would not let anyone touch it, when the baby-like to
protect it, every time grandma house to eat ribs, pork ribs soup regarded fell to its
roots in nutritional supplements.

 grandmother's care in under the big banyan tree is now longer a flourish.

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