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					A love misunderstanding misunderstanding Misunderstanding

 Misunderstanding parents love their children

 misunderstanding of a love

 misunderstanding of a love Fujian
 Nanping, Fujian Province, Nanping City Experimental Primary School fifth-grade
classes Chen Shuo
 "Father and mother, out of love, misunderstanding it!" This is the strongest call of
my heart.

 love, good variety in the world. The greatest and most sincere love is the number of
parental love. This love is selfless. But sometimes pay too much love a child will
become spoiled, it will make children develop many bad habits, and even affect a
child's personality. The father and mother you know what?

  I was in the "Little Princess" is the apple of my parents, my parents told me is
"obedience." The other kids running around by himself, and I been "off" at home, next
to my father when my "bodyguards" because only one is afraid I accidentally
problems. Even getting up in peacetime as well as my father put shoes Lindao my feet.
Clothing to hand, mouth open for food every day of my "mission", and accompanied
me, and only those toys and the father faces. Then my favorite thing to do is to see
flying around, free of pigeons. I also envy them and their peers that they can fly
together without any binding. At that time, I rarely have the opportunity to go out
ventilation, natural make to what friends, which made me lose a lot of opportunities to
communicate and children the same age. My knowledge is acquired from books. Dad
always said: "The more bad guys out, children stay out unsafe."

  on the elementary school, my very timid beginning, the teacher asked students to
answer questions, other students are scrambling to answer, and I was sitting quietly
aside, like a statue, a move not daring to move. Mom and Dad, you know why?
Because you usually on me "in my hands afraid of flying, afraid of melting in the
mouth with the" indulgence. As the saying goes: "used to kill the child as child." This
is not my real concern, but made me ah! Mom and Dad, you know the impact of such
a doting on me how much it? It makes me lose confidence, because I always feel
behind a pair of eyes staring at me, that is I do not trust your eyes on ah! Accidentally
I'm afraid, out of any error, were you to see. This is your "love" the results, I became
timid, and even some sense of inferiority.

 I have a fifth-grade students, and pleasant personality a lot in school, I also have
many close friends, more importantly, I have learned to protect themselves. Why can
you refuse to "let go" mean? Daily walk, to me in the middle. I also lost a lot of
opportunities to experience the outside world, I think the truth I was a bird in a cage.
You still bring food to my day in front of, even at home doing housework, I rarely do.
School, you have again asked the safety, as if to take me to war, this is why?

 father and mother, although I still do not have something good, but you can not do
very well because I do not let me ah! Some things can be done well through exercise.
Moreover, I have now grown up, no longer will not do anything that small is not lit,
you can not always help me shelter from the storm, ah, now you can help me to out
there who can help me do ? Only on their own, the vast blue sky I want to freely fly
through the wind and rain only, my wings can be stronger and fly higher and farther.

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