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									A little detective German German

 detective, a German he is

 little detective German

% D% small detective German A Wuhan, Hubei Province, Huazhong Agricultural
University Preparatory School class of Deng Sishun
  1. Home strangers
  in the United States lived in a Florida elementary school in sixth grade student, he
called in German. He is a dream to be Conan the children. Every day he and
detectives dressed exactly the same, wearing a cap, wearing a coat, but also carry a
large pipe wear. Every day he would be home all the things that must be detected and
clearly, to notice any cobwebs ever allowed.
  day he came home, listening to his mother that his uncle had bit empty to rent a
house their home. He immediately alerted. Soon, his uncle moved here, he was a dark
gray long hair, big eyes, eyes next to two moles, small mouth, chin block scar.
German decision to have all recorded in their record books in.
  2. Carat ? Sen has a special pistol
  one day, German feel very curious, so she took laptop to visit it after the uncle called
Information carats ? Sen. He said he was a master shot, then called him to see the
same in German and fun things. On entering the room, saw the room filled with
German guns have laser guns, laser guns ... ... and some not yell the name of the gun,
when the German was confused by this scene when the drawer carat ? Sen took out a
very nice gun. He mysteriously said: "This is one the world's best silent, smoking gun,
do not tell anybody."
  3. He is a criminal
  Devon knew there were so many of his pistol, but also the world's best pistol, more
and wonder, and watch his every move every day, usually very flat, One day,
clarithromycin ? Sen to a commissary to buy food, suddenly, out from behind his rope,
tied up the salesman, and then the door was shut, and soon, he traveled slowly from
the inside out. German look, ah! Carat ? Mr. Sen criminals!
  German frowned at the phone booth to call the police immediately, and told the
address details. While, "Woo! Woo ---" police surrounded his house, the Clarke ? Sen
  long, this sensation of the entire state of Florida, became a famous detective in

 Instructor: Yu-Fang Chen

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