; A letter to the Olympic volunteers Olympic volunteers
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A letter to the Olympic volunteers Olympic volunteers


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									A letter to the Olympic volunteers Olympic Volunteer

 letter from the Chinese Olympic Games Volunteers

 volunteer for the Olympic Games
 letter to the Olympic volunteers
 letter from Huazhong Agricultural University, Primary 5 (1) Deng Sishun

 dear Olympic volunteers:
 I am very envious of you will win honor for the motherland become a volunteer, I
also think of the motherland and the capital to be a volunteer, but I am in Wuhan,
where are you all right? You are sure to become Olympic volunteers and proud!
 I want to give you put some small suggestions, I hope you can do: you have to learn
English, when a qualified interpreter; must be caring, considerate of others; Do not
spit and throw fruit scraps of paper; pay attention to hygiene, dressed neatly; civilized,
polite, warm hospitality. Good guide to overseas people.
 is now 2006, and also 2 years on to 2008, we have a new look to China to meet the
2008 Olympic Games because the Olympic Games held in China for the first time.
Previously, foreigners are always looked down on Chinese people, we must take this
opportunity to show our Chinese talent. New look for foreigners in China, and then
allow them to envy China, and respect the Chinese people. So that the eyes of
foreigners in China to stay in place.
 In addition, you must be polite, regardless of experience anyone should say hello!
Let them feel the quality of the Chinese people nice!
 final wish you
 glory for the country, working smoothly!

 Wuhan, Huazhong Agricultural University, Hongshan District, Primary 5 (1) class
 Deng Sishun
 2006 年 3 月 19 日

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