A letter to President George W. Bush President George W. Bush by fdjerue7eeu


									A letter to President George W. Bush President George W. Bush

 letter from your President Bush

 letter to President George W. Bush

 to President Bush letter
 Guizhou Province Singren 2 classes National Primary School Year 6
 Li-Jie, Hello!

 I am a fifth-grade students, in your eyes I may be an obscure Xiao Maotou.

 was elected U.S. president from your time on, I think you have been a good
president, has been admirable good president. Emergence of a family of two president
who does not give you happy? However, I am a good impression on you, you are
completely wrong on all the medieval practice of destroyed. Li Hongzhi, the Falun
devil you provide hiding places. U.S. to send you our military secrets, reconnaissance
aircraft, crashed into the Chinese fighter ... ... I feel very sorry for your actions. You
just became the President of the United States soon, on dry down a series of things
that hurt the American people, I am really disappointed.

 President Bush, I heard that you have a happy family, a young and old flies, and live
in harmony, you are happy, others looked happy too. However, you have not thought
about their loved ones killed by someone else, you will not be grieved? Will not kill
your loved one ruthless of Such is Life? Ruan Yuanqin aunt had also had a heart fu
happy home, not by your hand of that break up? When the father, her in-laws because
his son is missing a terminal, how to face your aunt called Nguyen? When 7-year-old
son asked his father where to a Nguyen aunt, your aunt called Nguyen how to answer,
in the face of this family's pain and anger of the people a sense of justice, you notice
any out "sorry" does not want to say it?

 write to you, my heart is extremely angry, Mr. Bush, you understand that? Finally I
hope you as soon as possible to properly resolve this issue, do less damage after the
two countries feelings, right?

 I wish you good health!

, a Chinese boy

 005 on March 18

 Instructor: HE teacher
 Comment: This article first clearly wrote "I" on the goodwill of President Bush, but
with a few things after writing "I" President Bush has a new impression, the last
request that President Bush not to harm Sino-US people do things.

 Submission :2005-4-1217: 42:32
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