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					                               HARVARD UNIVERSITY
                                Department of Sociology
                                 Doctorates in Sociology

Himes, Edwin Norman                           Halpern, Benjamin
1932 The Practice of Contraception and its    1936 Certain Psychological Aspects of the
       Relation to some Phases of                    Jewish Problem in Christian Europe
       Population Theory                             prior to the Nineteenth Century

Whetten, Nathan Laselle                       Jones, Marshall Elmer St. Edward
1932 The Social and Economic Structure        1936 A History of the Massachusetts State
      of the Trade Centers in the Canadian           Police Force as a Changing Social
      Prairie Provinces, with special                Organization
      reference to its Chanfes, 1910-1930
                                              Merton, Robert King
Loomis, Charles Price                         1936 Sociological Aspects of Scientific
1933 Family Composition and Socio-                   Development in Seventeenth-century
      Economic Activities of the White               England
      Farmers in Wake County, North
      Carolina                                De Nood, Neal Breaule
                                              1937 The Diffusion of a System of Belief
Schuler, Edgar Alber
1922 A Study of the Consistency of            Fitzgibbon, George Francis
       Dominant and Submissive Behavior       1937 A Critique of Theories Concerning
       in Adolescent Boys                            Factors in Criminality

Balsam, Louis                                 Riley, John Winchell, Jr.
1934 A Study of the Changes in                1937 Social Leisure
      Punishment for Crime in
      Massachusetts from 1630 to 1934         Haak, Leo Arthur Theodore
                                              1938 Discontinuity in a Population
Lunden, Walter Albin
1934 Changes in Mobility and Structure of     Smullyan, Emile Benoit
      Higher Education in the Western         1938 French Sociological Theory and its
      World since 1100 A.D.                          Critics

Frampton, Merle Elbert                        Williams, Richard Hays
1935 A Study of Family Life in the            1938 The Expression of Common Value
      Arkansas Ozarks                                Attitudes toward Suffering in the
                                                     Symbolism of Mediaeval Art
Lamson, Herbert Day
1935 The American Community in                Kazis, Israel Joseph
      Shanghai                                1939 Hasidism: a Study in the Sociology
                                                      and History of Religion
Davis, Kingsley
1936 A Structural Analysis of Kinship:        Knox, John Ballenger
        Prolegomena to the Sociology of       1939 Business and the Professions: a Study
        Kinship                                      Based upon Occupations of
                                                     Graduates of Harvard College
Doctorates in Sociology             Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
                                     Harvard University
Wilson, Logan                                      Sprague, Theodore Wentworth
1939 The Academic Man: an Inquiry into             1942 Some Problems in the Integration of
       the Social Organization of the                     Social Groups, with special reference
       University                                         to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Blackwell, Gordon Williams                         Tancharoensuk, Seng
1940 The Significance of Structural Family         1942 A Study of the Cooperative
      Characteristics in the Lowest                      Movement in Thailand
      Economic Stratum of Southern
      Agriculture                                  Bowden, Gordon Townley
                                                   1943 A Study in Social Organization and
Moore, Wilbert Ellis                                     Social Change: Some Problems of
1940 Slavery, Abolition, and the Ethical                 Control in Expansion
       Valuation of the Individual
                                                   Chambliss, Rollin
Ryan, Bryce Finley                                 1943 A Statistical Analysis of Variations in
1940 Boston High School Graduates in                     the Human Sex Ratio at Birth
       Periods of Prosperity and Depression
                                                   Williams, Robin Murphy
Bash, Wendall Hubbard                              1943 Sociological Aspects of Farmers’
1941 Factors Influencing Family and                       Responses to A.A.A. Programs in
       Community Organization in a New                    Selected Kentucky Areas, 1938-1940
       England Town, 1730 to 1940
                                                   Bales, Robert Freed
Davis, Arthur Kent                                 1944 The ‘Fixation Factor’ in Alcohol
1941 Thorstein Velben’s Social Theory                      Addiction: an Hypothesis Derived
                                                           from a Comparative Study of Irish
Hitt, Homer Lee                                            and Jewish Norms
1941 Recent Migration into and within the
       Upper Mississippi Delta of Louisiana        Collins, Marcus Whitford
                                                   1944 The Community Structure of the
O’Connell, John Charles                                    Santee-Cooper Area: an Inquiry into
1941 Individualistic Implications in the                   the Social Organization of a Southern
      Sociological Theories of Thomas                      Community
      Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and
      Karl Marx                                    Firey, Walter Irving, Jr.
                                                   1945 The Role of Social Values in the Land
Twomey, David William                                      Use Patterns of Central Boston
1941 A Qualitative and Functional Study
     of the Natural Law in Selected                Bradford, Reed Howard
     Authors                                       1946 Differential Fertility in the United
Bergel, Egon Ernest
1942 The Class Phenomenon                          Douglass, Joseph Henry
                                                   1946 A Sociocultural Study of the Cape
Demerath, Nicholas J.                                    Coloured People of South Africa and
1942 Adolescent Status and the Individual,               the American Negro
      with special reference to
      Schizophrenia                                Kalibala, Ernest Balintuma
                                                   1946 The Social Structure of the Baganda
                                                           Tribe of East Africa
Doctorates in Sociology                Department of Sociology                         1932-2007
                                        Harvard University
Kirk, Dudley                                          Du Wors, Richard Edward
1946 European Migrations in the Interwar              1949 Values as an Heuristic Concept in
       Period                                               Community Analysis: A Comparative
Vakar, Nicholas Platonovich
1946 Society and Family in Medieval                   Fitzpatrick, Joseph Patrick
       Russia                                         1949 The White Collar Worker on Wall
Fichter, Joseph Henry
1947 The Sociological Implications of the             Hatch, David Lincoln
        Lex Iulia et Papia Poppaea                    1949 Changes in Structure and Function of
                                                             a Rural New England Community
Levy, Marion Joseph, Jr.                                     Since 1900
1947 Some Aspects of Family Structure
       and the Problem of Industrialization           Holt, Louisa Pinkham
       in China                                       1949 Psychoanalysis and the Social Process

McKain, Walter Cecil                                  Hopkins, Carl Edward
1947 The Social Participation of Old                  1949 Harvard Pediatric Service: An
      People in a California Retirement                     Experiment in Directed Social
      Community                                             Change in Organization for Medical
Andrade, Celeste Angela Sousa
1948 Regional Revolts in Brazil (1822-                Johnson, Harry Morton
      1934)                                           1949 The Fall of France: An Essay on the
                                                             Social Structure of France Between
Parenton, Vernon Joseph                                      Two Wars
1948 The Rural French-Speaking People of
       Quebec and South Louisiana: A                  Magee, John Benjamin, Jr.
       Comparative Study of Social                    1949 Sri Ramakrishna and John Woolman:
       Structure and Organization with                       a Study in the Sociology of Sanctity
       Emphasis on the Role of the Catholic
       Church                                         Schneider, Eugene Victor
                                                      1948 Ideology of Social Action
Smith, Luke Mader
1948 Relations Between the Territorial                Stoodley, Bartlett Hicks
       Structuring and the Local                      1949 The Theoretical System of Sigmund
       Government of a Metropolitan                          Freud and Social Motivation
       Suburb: The Sunland-Tujunga Valley,
       Los Angeles                                    Brown, James Stephen
                                                      1950 The Social Organization of an
Barber, Bernard                                              Isolated Kentucky Mountain
1949 Mass Apathy and Voluntary Social                        Neighborhood
        Participation in the United States
                                                      Devereux, Edward Clifton, Jr.
Barrabee, Paul Sidney                                 1950 Gambling and the Social Structure: a
1949 A Study of a Mental Hospital: The                       Sociological Study of Lotteries and
       Effects of its Social Structure on its                Horse Racing in Contemporary
       Functions                                             America
Doctorates in Sociology              Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
                                      Harvard University
Pierce, Albert                                      Manfredi, John Francis
1950 Fertility Differentials among                  1951 The Relationship of Class-Structured
        Confessional Groups                               Pathologies to the Contents of
                                                          Popular Periodical Fiction, 1936-1940
Strodtbeck, Fred Louis
1950 A Study of Husband-Wife Interaction            Naegele, Kaspar David
       in Three Cultures                            1951 Hostility and Aggression in Middle
                                                          Class American Families
Sutton, Francis Xavier
1950 The Radical Marxist                            Porter, Ward Flowers, Jr.
                                                    1951 The 4-H Club: an Organizational
Toby, Jackson                                               Analysis
1950 Educational Maladjustment as a
       Predisposing Factor in Criminal              Robins, Lee Nelken
       Careers: a Comparative Study of              1951 British Control in Massachusetts: the
       Ethnic Groups                                       Analysis of an Issue through an
                                                           Intensive Survey of Opinion
Anderson, Charles Hoyt
1951 Changes in the Basic Reclamation               Theriault, George French
       Law: a Study in the Sociology of             1951 The Franco-Americans in a New
       Political Decision                                  England Community: an Experiment
                                                           in Survival
Chin, Ai-Li Sung
1951 Interdependence of Roles in                    Thorner, Isidor
       Transitional China: A Structural             1951 Christian Science and the Ascetic
       Analysis of Attitudes in                           Protestantism: a Study in the
       Contemporary Chinese Literature                    Sociology of Religion, Personality
                                                          Type and Social Structure
Cohen, Albert Kircidel
1951 Juvenile Delinquency and the Social            Wardwell, Walter Irving
       Structure                                    1951 Social Strain and Social Adjustment
                                                          in the Marginal Role of the
Cousins, Albert Newton                                    Chiropractor
1951 The Stable Family: a Study of Group
       Control                                      Campbell, John Dowling
                                                    1952 Subjective Aspects of Occupational
Donovan, John Dennis                                     Status
1951 The Catholic Priest: a Study in the
      Sociology of the Professions                  Cannon, Bernard Moffett
                                                    1952 Social Deterrents to the Unionization
Godfrey, Eleanor Powell                                   of Southern Cotton Textile Mill
1951 A Construction of Family Types and                   Worker
       Their Initial Empirical Validation
                                                    Garfinkel, Harold
Jacobs, Norman Gabriel                              1952 The Perception of the Other: a Study
1951 The Societal System: a Method for                     in Social Order
        the Comparative Analysis of Social
        Institutions—with special reference         Grosser, George Herbert
        to China and Japan                          1952 Juvenile Delinquency and
                                                           Contemporary American Sex Roles
Doctorates in Sociology              Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
                                      Harvard University
Hill, Adelaide Cromwell                             Fox, Sherwood Dean
1952 The Negro Upper Class in Boston –              1953 Voluntary Associations and Social
        Its Development and Present Social                 Structure
                                                    Gullahorn, John Taylor
Hopson, Anna Lee Boswell                            1953 Social Tensions in Labor Union
1952 Best-Sellers: Media of Mass                           Relationships
                                                    Humphreys, Alexander Jeremiah
Kahl, Joseph Alan                                   1953 New Dubliners: a Study of the
1952 Adolescent Ambition                                 Effects of Urbanization upon the
                                                         Irish Family
Loring, William Cushing, Jr.
1952 Physical Elements of Housing in                 Mason, Ward Sherman
        Relation to Social Disorganization          1953 A Method of Scaling Cultural
Medalia, Nahum Zeitlin
1952 The Sociology of Elton Mayo                    O’Dea, Thomas Francis
                                                    1953 Mormon Values: the Significance of a
Mills, Theodore Mason                                      Religious Outlook for Social Action
1952 A Method of Content Analysis for
        the Study of Small Groups                   Apple, Dorothy Dorrian
                                                    1954 Grandparents and Grandchildren: a
Olmstead, Michael Seymour                                  Sociological and Psychological Study
1952 Small Group Interaction as a                          of Their Relationship
      Function of Group Norms
                                                    Fox, Renne Claire
Simmons, Ozzie Gordon                               1954 A Sociological Study of Stress:
1952 Anglo-Americans and Mexican-                          Physician and Patient on a Research
      Americans in South Texas: a Study in                 Wards
      Dominant-Subordinate Group
      Relations                                     Johnson, Guy Benton, Jr.
                                                    1954 A Framework for the Analysis of
von Mering, Faye Higier                                    Religious Action, with special
1952 Mother-Child Relationships Among                      reference to Holiness and Non-
      Educated and Professionally Active                   Holiness Groups
                                                    Jones, Frank Edward
Wilson, Robert Neal                                 1954 The Infantry Recruit: a Sociological
1952 The American Poet: a Role                              Analysis of Socialization in the
       Investigation                                        Canadian Army

Winter, Gibson                                      Bellah, Robert Neelly
1952 Value-Orientations as Factors in the           1955 Religion and Society in Tokugawa
        Organization of Small Groups                        Japan

Cumming, Margaret Elaine                            Bourgeois, Lawrence Louis
1953 The Social Control of Mental Illness,          1955 The Large Family System: a Pilot
     with special reference to the                        Analysis of Variant Urban Adaptation
     Strategies of Isolation and Denial
Doctorates in Sociology               Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
                                       Harvard University
Davis, James Allan                                   Curwood, Sarah Thomas
1955 Living Rooms as Symbols of Status: a            1956 Role Expectation as a Factor in the
        Study in Social Judgment                           Relationship between Mother and
Endleman, Robert
1955 Value-Conflict, Authority, and                  Feldmesser, Robert Allen
      Aggression                                     1956 Aspects of Social Mobility in the
                                                           Soviet Union
Field, Mark George
1955 The Medical Profession in Soviet                Hays, David Glenn
        Society: a Study in Bureaucratization        1956 The Development and Application of
        and Control                                         Stochastic Models for Interaction

Geiger, Homer Kent                                   Tiryakian, Edward Ashod
1955 The Urban Slavic Family and the                 1956 The Evaluation of Occupations in an
        Soviet System                                       Underdeveloped Country: the
Gowman, Alan Gerald
1955 The War Blind in American Social                Arnason, Barbara Ann
     Structure                                       1957 Care and Cure as Functions of the
                                                            Public Mental Hospital
Huntington, Robert Mills
1955 Needs and Interaction: a Study of               Bordua, David Joseph
      Marital Relationships                          1957 Authoritarianism and Intolerance: a
                                                            Study of High School Students
Johnson, Miriam Massey
1955 Instrumental and Expressive                     Cohen, Bernard P.
       Components in the Personalities of            1957 A Stochastic Model for Conformity
                                                     Cohen, Elizabeth Ginsburg
Potter, Robert Gray, Jr.                             1957 Parental Factors in Educational
1955 The Influence of Primary Groups on                     Mobility
                                                     Fagg, Donald Ross
Rossow, Irving                                       1957 Authority and Social Stratification: a
1955 Conflict of Authority in Natural                       Study of Javanese Bureaucracy
                                                     Martin, John Vincent
Shuval, Judith Tannenbaum                            1957 Depth Sociology and Microsociology:
1955 Class and Ethnicity: a Study in                         a Critical Analysis of the Basic
        Community Structure and                              Concepts of Georges Gurvitch
        Interpersonal Relation
                                                     Rodman, Hyman
Slater, Philip Elliot                                1957 Family Relationships in a Lower-
1955 Psychological Factors in Role                        Class Negro Village in Trinidad
                                                     Tregoe, Benjamin Bainbridge, Jr.
Zelditch, Morris, Jr.                                1957 Assimilation and the Parent-Child
1955 Authority and Solidarity in Three                      Relationship: a Study of Ethnic
       Southwestern Communities                             Conformity and the Socialization of
                                                            Aggression and Dependency in Four
                                                            Ethnic Groups
Doctorates in Sociology              Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
                                      Harvard University
Berger, Joseph                                      Bell, Norman Wallis
1958 Relations between Performance,                 1959 The Impact of Psychotherapy upon
        Rewards and Action-Opportunities in                Family Relationships
        Small Groups
                                                    Bonilla, Frank
Birnbaum, Norman                                    1959 Students in Politics: Three
1958 Social Structure and the German                        Generations of Political Action in a
       Reformation                                          Latin American University

Gallagher, Eugene Bennett                           Elder, Joseph Walter
1958 A Sociopsychological Study of                  1959 Industrialism in Hindu Society: A
       Patienthood in the Mental Hospital                   Case Study in Social Change

Heer, David MacAlpine                               Leichter, Hope Jensen
1958 The Role of the Working Wife in                1959 Alternatives and Constraints in the
       Catholic Families                                   Role of Chinese Exile

Kassebaum, Gene Girard                              Rosenblatt, Daniel
1958 Value Orientations and Interpersonal           1959 Formal Voluntary Organization
       Behavior: An Experimental Study                    Among Patients in a Psychiatric
Pitts, Jesse Richard
1958 The Bourgeois Family and French                Ross, Hugh Laurence
         Economic Retardation                       1959 The Local Community in the
Rocher, Guy Arthur-Auguste
1958 The Relations Between Church and               Santos-Cuyugan, Ruben Dario
       State in New France During the               1959 Decision-Makers in a New England
       Seventeenth Century                                 Community: a Study of Social
                                                           Influence and Social Power
Roseborough, Howard Ernest
1958 The Sociology of Consumer                      Sletten, Charles Alfred
      Spending                                      1959 The Social Structure and Ideology of
                                                             Organized Pharmacy: with special
Smelser, Neil Joseph                                         reference to Price Competition
1958 Revolution in Industry and Family: an
       Application of Social Theory to the          Vallier, Ivan Archer
       British Cotton Industry, 1770-1840           1959 Production Imperatives in
                                                             Communal Systems: a Comparative
Tilly, Charles Herbert                                       Study with special reference to the
1958 The Social Background of the                            “Kibbutz” Crisis
        Rebellion of 1793 in Southern Anjou
                                                    Waxler, Nancy Ellen
Vogel, Ezra Feivel                                  1959 Defense Mechanisms in Interpersonal
1958 The Marital Relationship of Parents                   Behavior
       and the Emotionally Disturbed Child
                                                    Berg, Ivar Ellis, Jr.
Avery, Robert William                               1960 Role, Personality, and Social
1959 Orientations toward Careers in                         Structure: a Study of Nursing in the
        Business: a Study in Occupational                   General Hospital
Doctorates in Sociology                 Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
                                         Harvard University
Breer, Paul Eugene, Jr.                                Kayser, Christine Roma
1960 Predicting Interpersonal Behavior                 1961 Calvinism and German Political Life
        from Personality and Role
                                                       Schuman, Howard
Kassof, Allen Howard                                   1961 Social Structure and Personality
1960 The Soviet Youth Program:                               Constriction in a Total Institution
        Socialization in a Totalitarian Society
                                                       Bergen, Bernard Joseph
Kavolis, Vytautas Martynas                             1962 Social Class, Symptoms, and Mental
1960 The failures of Totalitarian                             Illness: Implications for Preventative
        Socialization: a Theoreticaly-Oriented                Psychiatry
        Case Study of the East German
        Socialization System                           Cramer, Miles Richard
                                                       1962 School Desegregation and New
McKinley, Donald Gilbert                                     Industry: the Southern Community
1960 Social Status and Parental Roles                        Leader’s Viewpoint

Reiss, Paul Jacob                                      Dodd, Peter Carter
1960 The Extended Kinship System in the                1962 Role Conflicts in the School
        American Urban Middle Class                           Principalship

Rogers, David                                          Dreeben, Robert
1960 The Automobile Dealer: a Study of                 1962 Organization and Environment: the
       the Status and Ideology of the Small                  Relationship between Mental
       Business Man                                          Hospital and District Court

Segal, Bernard Elliot                                  Israel, Herman
1960 Nurses and Patients: a Study in Social            1962 Labor’s Sense of Distributive Justice
        Stratification                                         in Industry

Taeuber, Karl Ernst                                    Jung, Richard
1960 Residential Segregation by Color in               1962 Analysis of Psychosocial
      United States Cities, 1940 and 1950: a                  Development: a Study of Adult,
      Comparative Analysis                                    Educated Women

van den Berghe, Pierre Louis                           Portis, Bernard, Jr.
1960 The Dynamics of Race Relations: an                1962 Education as a Factor in Ethnic
       Ideal-Type Case Study of South                          Attitudes
                                                       Walker, Roger Boyd
White, Winston Ricks                                   1962 Communication in a Manufacturing
1960 Ideology of the Intellectuals:                           Organization
       American Society 1949-1958
                                                       Zola, Irving Kenneth
Churchill, Lindsey Crawford, Jr.                       1962 Sociocultural Factors in the Seeking
1961 Aggression in a Small Group Setting                       of Medical Aid

Giele, Janet Zollinger                                 Adams, Everett Merle, Jr.
1961 Social Change in the Feminine Role: a             1963 A Functional Interpretation of Social
        Comparison of Woman’s Suffrage                       Stratification
        and Woman’s Temperance, 1870-
Doctorates in Sociology               Department of Sociology                            1932-2007
                                       Harvard University
Cancian, Francesca Micaela                           Mayhew, Leon Hinkley
1963 Family Interaction in Zinacantan                1964 Law and Equal Opportunity: Anti-
                                                           Discrimination Law in Massachusetts
Carden, Maren Lockwood
1963 The Oneida Community: A Study of                Vreeland, Rebecca Stafford
       Organizational Change                         1964 Organizational Structure and Moral
                                                            Orientations: a Study of Harvard
Lazure, Jacques Marcel                                      Houses
1963 The Definition of the Priest-
       Teacher’s Role: Role Theory Applied           Ackerman, Charles Dean
       to an Empirical Study                         1965 Three Studies of the Affinal
Namenwirth, Joseph Zvi
1963 Bureaucratic Power and European                 Early, John Drennan
     Unification                                     1965 The Sons of San Lorenzo in
Neal, Sister Marie Augusta
1963 Values and Interests in the process of          Gamson, Zelda Finkelstein
        Social Change                                1965 Social Control and Modification: a
                                                           Study of Responses to Students in a
Perry, Steward Edmond                                      Small Nonresidential College
1963 Social Processes in Psychiatric
        Research: a Study in the Sociology of        Greenbaum, Richard
        Science                                      1965 Drama and Society in America, 1920-
                                                           1960: a Study in Art and Social
Scarr, Harry Alan                                          Change
1963 Measures of Variation: Continuities in
        the Study of Value Orientations              Laumann, Edward Otto
                                                     1965 Urban Social Stratification: a Study of
Stansfield, Robert E.                                      the Urban Stratification System of an
1963 The Family and the Gang in the                        Urban Community
        Aetiology of Delinquency
                                                     Michelson, William Michael
Dunphy, Dexter Colboyd                               1965 Value Orientations and Urban Form
1964 Social Change in Self-Analytic
      Groups                                         Smith, David Horton
                                                     1965 Psychological Factors Affecting
Fellman, Gordon Allan                                       Participation in Formal Voluntary
1964 Indian Socialists and Jayaprakash                      Organizations in Chile
       Narayan: A Study in Political
       Sociology and Biography                       Armor, David James
                                                     1966 The Structure of Institutionalized
Levin, Joan Ann                                              Influence: The American School
1964 Social Status Ambiguity and                             Counselor
        Residential Relocation                       Cline, Hugh Francis
                                                     1966 The Determinants of Normative
Loubser, Johannes Jacobus                                    Patterns in Correctional Institutions
1964 Puritan and Religious Liberty: Change
      in the Normative Order in                      Feagin, Joe Richard
      Massachusetts, 1630-1850                       1966 The Social Ties of Negroes in an
                                                            Urban Environment: Structure and
Doctorates in Sociology             Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
                                     Harvard University
Finnie, Bruce                                      Feinhandler, Sherwin Jay
1966 An Empirical Comparison of                    1968 The Effects of Alcohol on Anxiety in
        Magnitude and Category Scaling                    Extroverted and Introverted
        Procedures Applied to Nonphysical                 Alcoholics in Isolated and Together
        Stimuli                                           Settings

Laue, James Howard                                 Lee, Nancy Howell
1966 Direct Actions and Desegregation:             1968 Acquaintance Networks in the Social
        Toward a Theory of the                            Structure of Abortion
        Rationalization of Protest
                                                   Levine, Joel Harvey
Taub, Richard Paul                                 1968 Measurement in the Study of
1966 Bureaucracy in the Context of Social                  Intergenerational Status Mobility
       Change: a Case Study of the Indian
       Administrative Service                      Loewen, James William
                                                   1968 The Mississippi Chinese
Zinberg, Dorothy Shore
1966 The Career within a Career: The               Weinstein, Michael Gordon
       Freshman Year at Radcliffe College          1968 Student Culture: A Study of the First
                                                          Year of a New College
Baum, Martha Midwood
1967 Institutional Careers of Delinquent           Werlin, Robert Jay
      Boys                                         1968 The English Novel and the Industrial
                                                           Revolution: a Study in the Sociology
McPherson, William Roy                                     of Literature
1967 Parallels in Extremist Ideology
                                                   Bonacich, Edna Miller
Mullins, Nicholas Creed                            1969 The Motivation of Deviant Behavior:
1967 Social Networks Among Biological                     an Experiment in Inducing Cheating
       Scientist                                          Behavior

Porter, Judith Deborah Revitch                     Clampit, Mickey Kenneth
1967 Racial Attitude Formations in Pre-            1969 The Religious Subculture of a YMCA
        School Age Children                               Camp

Ryser, Carol Pierson                               Conklin, John Evan
1967 The Influence of Value Systems on             1969 Public Reactions to Crime: a Survey
        the Practice of Psychiatry: The                   of Two Communities
        French Case
                                                   Ireland, Rowan Henry
Taviss, Irene Merle                                1969 The Factory as a School in Social
1967 Alienation: An Exploration into its                   Change
        Changing Forms
                                                   Rule, James Bernard
Baum, Rainer Carl                                  1969 Styles of Modern Social Control
1968 Values and ‘Uneven’ Political
      Development in Imperial Germany              Smyth, Joseph Philip
                                                   1969 Social Structural and Personality
Bonacich, Phillip Frank                                   Factors in Occupational Planning: a
1968 Specialization and Differentiation of                Study in Purposive Behavior
       Leadership in Small Laboratory
Doctorates in Sociology                 Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
                                         Harvard University
Steinhoff, Patricia Golden                             Wellman, Barry Stephen
1969 Tenko: Ideology and Societal                      1970 Social Identities and
       Integration in Prewar Japan                           Cosmopolitanism among Urban
                                                             Adolescents: Variations by Race,
Berger, Stephen David                                        Social Status, and School Integration
1970 The Development of Legitimating                         Experience
        Ideas: Intellectuals and Politicians in
        Postwar Western Germany                        Corson, Walter Harris II
                                                       1971 Conflict and Cooperation in East-
Effrat, Andrew George                                         West Crises: Dynamics of Crisis
1970 Sanctions and Organizational                             Interaction
        Taxonomies: A Working Paper in
        Parsonian Theory                               Evans, Peter Brandt
                                                       1971 Denationalization and Development:
Granovetter, Mark Sanford                                     a Study of Industrialization in Brazil
1970 Changing Jobs: Channels of Mobility
      Information in a Suburban                        Lindenberg, Siegwart Michael
      Population                                       1971 Aspects of the Cognitive
                                                             Representation of Social Structures
Hoge, Dean Richard
1970 College Students’ Religion: A Study               Neilsen, Eric Hildaur
      of Trends in Attitudes and Behavior              1971 Contingency Theory Applied to Small
                                                              Business Operations
Kelly, James Ronald
1970 Attitudes toward Ecumenism in a                   Schwartz, Michael Herman
         New England Suburb: an Analysis of            1971 The Southern Farmers’ Alliance: the
         the Definitions and Evaluations of                   Organizational Forms of Radical
         Ecumenism and Correlates of                          Protest
         Support for Ecumenism
                                                       Whyte, Martin King
Oloko, Olatunde                                        1971 Small Groups and Political Rituals in
1970 Some Social and Psychological                            Communist China
       Factors Affecting Commitment to
       Industrial Employment in Nigeria                Anderson, John Phillip
                                                       1972 Decision-Making in a Public
Pajonas, Patricia Joan                                        Psychiatric Screening Agency
1970 Obedience and Heterogeneity:
       Catholic Secondary Schools in                   Chase, Ivan Dmitri
       Boston and Montreal                             1972 A Comparison of Men’s and
                                                              Women’s Intergenerational Mobility
Tepperman, Lorne Jay                                          in the United States
1970 The Structure of Paternalistic Justice
                                                       Cummings, William Kenneth
Thrall, Charles Alexander                              1972 The Changing Academic Marketplace
1970 Household Technology and the                           and University Reform in Japan
        Division of Labor in Families
                                                       Hall, Gail Boswell
Useem, Michael                                         1972 Alienation, Knowledge, and Protest
1970 Involvement in a Radical Political
      Movement and Patterns of
      Friendship: the Draft Resistance
Doctorates in Sociology               Department of Sociology                         1932-2007
                                       Harvard University
Kazen, Felisa Marie                                  Bourne, Richard
1972 Sociocultural Aspects of                        1973 The Urban Coalition: Consensus and
       Development: a Case Study of the                     Cleavage in an Agent of Social
       Introduction of a Textile Factory into               Change
       a Community in Southern Mexico
                                                     Clark, Samuel David
Lopez, David Eugene                                  1973 The Land War in Ireland
1972 Cowboys and Gauchos: the Cattle
       Workers of Argentina and the United           Erikson, Bonnie Heather
       States in the Nineteenth Century              1973 International Networks

Lorrain, Francois Paul                               Feld, Barry Charles
1972 Social Networks and Social                      1973 The Professional Ideology of
       Classifications: an Essay on the                     Correctional Pathologies: Goal
       Algebra and Geometry of Social                       Operationalization in Juvenile
       Structure                                            Correction

Sheingold, Carl Alexander                            Fischer, Claude Serge
1972 New Parties and New Voting: a                   1973 Studies in the Social Psychology of
       Social Structural Analysis of the                    Urban Life
       Wallace Vote in 1968
                                                     Helmer, John Harold
Smith, Kent Warren                                   1973 Bringing the War Home: the
1972 Beyond the Mirror: Graduate                           American Soldier in Vietnam and
       Training and Professional Settings                  After

Waitzkin, Howard Bruce                               Javetz, Rachel
1972 Medicine as a Social Institution:               1973 American Sociologist: a Study in the
       Seven Papers                                          Sociology of Sociology

Watzke, James Norman                                 Johnson, Gregory Leonard
1972 Desocialization from the                        1973 An Alternative Community in
      Priesthood—Critical Problems of                       Microcosm: the Evolution of
      Personal and Role Identity among                      Commitment to a Vedic Sect
      Catholic Religious Professionals
                                                     Jules-Rosette, Bennetta
Allman, James Michael                                1973 Ritual Contexts and Social Action: A
1973 Education and Social Mobility in                       Study of the Apostolic Church of
       Tunisia                                              John Marangue

Bachtiar, Harsja Wardhana                            Muchnick, David Martin
1973 The Formation of the Indonesian                 1973 Urban Renewal in Liverpool
                                                     Netting, Nancy Silverman
Boorman, Scott Archer                                1973 Upward Bound Alumni: their Paths
1973 A Frequency-Dependent Natural                          and Prospects
      Selection Model for the Evolution of
      Social Cooperation                             Park, Hyoung Cho
                                                     1973 The Urban Middle Class Family in
Doctorates in Sociology              Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
                                      Harvard University
Sable, Joseph Alan                                  Lidz, Charles Wilmanns
1973 Paths Through the Labyrinth: a Study           1974 Law, Morality, and Social Order
        of Educational Selection and
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Theeman, Margaret Ann                                     Militancy and Class Conciousness
1973 Rhythms of Community: the
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Williamson, Nancy Elizabeth
1973 Preference for Sons Around the                 Sa, Sophie
       World                                        1974 Family and Community in Urban
                                                           Taiwan: Social Status and
Zimmerman, Joseph Francis                                  Demographic Strategy Among Taipei
1973 The Downtown City Church:                             Households, 1885-1935
     Religious Response to Urbanization
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Akula, John Lewis
1974 Law and the Development of                     Armfield, Donald Barrie
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Bernard, Paul                                              Industrialized Rural Community
1974 Association and Hierarchy: the Social
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                                                    1975 The Spaceflight Revolution: an
Burstein, Paul                                             Historical and Ethnographic Study of
1974 Social Structure and Politics in Israel:              the Technological Social Movement
       Voting in the 1969 Israeli Election                 Responsible for the Development of
                                                           Mover Space Rocketry
DeCraemer, Willy
1974 Jamaa and Ecclesia: a Charismatic              Breiger, Ronald Louis
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Ginsberg, Yona
1974 Jews in a Changing Neighborhood: A             Carr, Gregg
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                                                            Development of Seventeenth Century
Henretta, John Charles                                      London
1974 Political Protest by the Elderly: an
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                                                    1975 A Sociological Analysis of Japan’s
Howard, Leslie Lawrence                                    Research and Development System
1974 Industrialization and Community in
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Levine, Hillel                                            Quantitative Analysis of the Korean
1974 Menahem Mendel Lefin: a Case of                      Case
        Judaism and Modernization
Doctorates in Sociology              Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
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MacDougall, John Douglas                            Faria, Vilmar Evangelista
1975 Agrarian Reform vs. Religious                  1976 Occupational Marginality,
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McEwen, Craig Arnold                                1976 Some Content Determinants of
1975 Subculture, Social Structure, and                     Popular Literature
     Behavior in Community-Based
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Mosco, Vincent                                      Gupta, Krishna Prakash
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Wilsnack, Richard William
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Anderson-Khleif, Susan E.
1976 Divorced Mothers, Divorced Fathers             Perez-Diaz, Victor Miguel
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1976 Art for Art’s Sake: Structural                         Voting: Models of Structure and
       Differentiation in Ark in Renaissance                Linkage
                                                    Schudson, Michael Steven
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Doctorates in Sociology            Department of Sociology                          1932-2007
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Teitelbaum, Phyllis May                           Morton, Mary Elizabeth
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Barthel, Diane Lee
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Dobson, Richard Bruce                                   Congo (Zaire)
1977 Social Influences on Educational
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Eaglesfield, George David                                 Structure in an Urban Squatter
1977 Family Background and Occupational                   Settlement: Household Networks of
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Friedmann, Harriet Bertha
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1977 Social Hierarchy and Social Change in              of an Alternative Urban Community
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1977 Social Stratification and American                  New Industrial Worker: the Case of
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Knapp, Peter Hazard
1977 The Academic Non-Market                      Waisman, Carlos Horacio
                                                  1977 Modernization and Legitimation: a
Lander, Edgardo                                         Study of Working-Class Forms of
1977 The Theory of Marginality from a                   Political Action
       Marxist Perspective
                                                  Winship, Christopher
Madsen, Richard Paul                              1977 Problems and Models of Aggregation
1977 Revolutionary Asceticism in
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1977 Teachers and Union Democracy
Doctorates in Sociology                Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
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1978 State Organizations and Policy                          Responses to the Absolutist State
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                                                      1979 The Coming of the English
Lambert, Craig Arthur                                         Revolution
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1978 Three Studies in Stratification
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1978 The Social Transformation of                             Working Class High School
        American Medicine
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1978 Class Formation in Malaya: Capital,                     Making and Nonprofit-Making
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Tipton, Steven Michael                                       Nursing Homes
1978 Getting Saved from the Sixties: the
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Barlow, Andrew L.
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Bookin, Hedy Elaine
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Dalziel, Murray Morrison                                     in Subsistence Agriculture
1979 The Institutionalization of
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DiMaggio, Paul Joseph
1979 Culture, Stratification, and                     Russell, Raymond Lawrence, III
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Doctorates in Sociology             Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
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Tanase, Takao                                            Interest? The Politics of Worker
1979 The Image of Courts in Litigation                   Participation
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1979 Suicide Among Black Women: A                         Contrast Effects
       Longitudinal Analysis
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1980 The Mobilization and the State                        Ireland
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Charrad, Mounira
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       Interaction Between Culture and                    Government Regulation: The Case of
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Joseph, Brian                                      Brint, Steven Gregory
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White, Merry Isaacs                                        Dissent in the United States, 1960-
1980 Stranger in His Native Land: Group                    1980
       Boundaries and the Japanese
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Crystal, Stephen                                         Structure and Policy-Making in the
1981 Aid to the Aged: Social Structure,                  Development of a “New Industrial
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1981 Dependent Development in Taiwan
Doctorates in Sociology            Department of Sociology                         1932-2007
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Davis, Walter Louis                                       Determination of Outcomes in Social
1982 Stress and Coping Among Minority                     Relationships
       Medical Students
                                                  McDonald, Scott Cameron
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1982 Kinship and Class in Nineteenth                   Gentrification of a Boston
         Century Boston                                Neighborhood

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       the Birth and Transfer of Ideals of
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Scotch, Richard Kivie                                   Change: a Case Study of the New
1982 Section 504: the Creation of Civil                 York Garment Industry
        Rights for Disabled People
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1982 Coalition Politics at Work: New Class                and the Architectural Profession in
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1983 The Politics of Community College
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Hamabata, Matthews                                        Meaning of Female Participation on
1983 From Household to Economy: The                       the Right
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Doctorates in Sociology               Department of Sociology                           1932-2007
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1986 The People and the Law: Identity and                  the Knowledge-Policy Interplay
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                                                             Network in Japan’s Machinery
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Chaves, Mark                                                and Bali)
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Hornsby, Anne                                                The Organizational Construction of
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1996 The Emergence and Evolution of
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Glenn, John, III                                         Class Americans
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1997 Partisans and Patriots: National              Lu, Qiwen
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     British Colonial Discourse, 1806-                     Attributions and Conceptions of
     1910                                                  Commitment to the Organization

Marjoribanks, Timothy                              Tang, Wen-hui
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