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					A favorite stationery stationery 一件

 a favorite stationery stationery

 a favorite stationery

% a favorite stationery D% A Jishou University, Hunan Normal University Jishou
〔61〕 school to classes Challenger
  If you ask me what the most favorite stationery, then I will be proud to answer to you,
fine stationery and unique stainless steel.

  of this writing case, is the birthday of my aunt gave me for my birthday that day, so I
really loved the gift, stationery is a long 10cm, width 4cm, 3cm high cuboid, small
size, Writing case monitoring body are shiny dark color, adding external protection
green circle appears on the grade of natural beauty, the lid is also a lot like the U.S.,
look! 1 large head of monkey skin to play it wearing a T-shirt blood, big wide open
eyes, cocked his tail stepped on a bicycle ass Pompous slip out, one look cute.
Monkey's head to play Army this skin "learn" English words, reminded me all the
time and attend a lecture class. Lower right corner of the lid has a raised silver logo

  writing case of two-story, there are many residents, tender, smooth the pen, the pen
straightforward, rafters soft skin, long straight, feet and sparkling fluorescent pen,
they live in harmony, for me sharing of learning difficulties. Once the math class, the
teacher should we draw the line, how do I have painted is not straight, then there feet
and jumped up and said: "Little master, look at me." My body has been painted
Anzhao feet, really very straight. Another time test, my pen could not write words,
and anxious as the hot pot in my ant, then, leaps out of the pen, said: "Little master,
use me to write it." So I steel Bikao finished testing, it saved the day, once again, my
mistake, when a body turned out eraser, said: "Little master, look at me!" So it will be
in a book and dance, a few back and forth, missing typo . Stationery stationery are the
most loyal defenders, stationery I once accidentally dropped on the floor, suddenly I
would like to pen some interrupted, so I quickly opened the box, but Haohao De pen
lying on it, can they stay stationery a piece of "a wound!"

 writing case, you are my best helper of learning, like your elementary school with
me through good times.

 group of six primary school attached hospital Kyrgyzstan master Challenger

 2003 年 5 月 28 日
 Supervisor: Liu Xueyun

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