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									A basketball in a basketball

 a basketball cheerleading competition

 a basketball

 a basketball Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, plant materials Primary
Five (2) Class Hu Ziwei
 class team of today's class, we and five (3) classes for basketball. In addition to
basketball players, we also organized a cheerleading own.

  race began, the players seem to no one for whom. Beginning to end, the score are
about the same. We cheerleading is no exception, he kept shouted: "5 (2) classes
refueling, 5 (2) class win!" 5 (3) class cheerleaders filling sound waves is a wave,
both cheerleaders cry sound one after another, like in the game, no one who should be
allowed. At the start, our class of Wang Hao with a nifty shot the ball into, served two.
These two points greatly inspired morale, we are more energetically the health and
happiness. At this time, just hiding in the clouds of the sun and smiled. The laughter,
plus members who work hard, make them shiny forehead constantly risking the small
drops of water. It was yellow basketball players beat each time it will be very excited
to jump very high. Soon, in the referee's whistle in the first half ended, our class
temporarily to 16 to 10 lead.

 team members one by one sweating, flushing, have come and collect water to drink.
Class teacher, Shen, happily basketball team, said: "work harder, and then adhere to
what you can achieve the final victory. I believe you can do it!"

  Time, however, is not, and others, 5 blink-minute rest period is over. The second half
of the race began, we played basketball more intense, and we cheer the mood more
tense. The team members will seize every opportunity to attack, of course, will be
smart to defend each other. However, the score gap is growing. However, our
cheerleaders or encourage a basketball player.

 Yang the teacher to blow the whistle ended the game immediately. This time,
unfortunately, our class lost. Class teacher, Shen, told us: "Never mind, later efforts to
get the first!

, but I believe that we later takes practice, his or her own strength, down 5 (3) classes.
Therefore, each of us will be on our basketball team is confident. We do not best, only

 Instructor: Feng Yongkang
 Received :2005-4-2818: 16:59
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