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                                                                                                                                                Application No   :
                       Eastern Mediterranean University                                                                                         Date received    :
                       APPLICATION FORM FOR GRADUATE STUDIES                                                                                    Remark           :

      1. This f orm must be f illed in to apply as a regular, v isiting or transf er graduate student in Eastern Mediterranea n Univ ersity.
         Applications f or special studentship in graduate courses should be made to the Registrar’s Off ice using a separate applicatio n
         f orm.
      2. A f ully complete application f orm, together with required documents are necessary f or initiating the application process.
      3. Please f ill in the spaces/check-boxes in all sections in Microsof t WORD, and return the hard copy (printed f orm)

Personal details
1          First name:                                    Middle name:                                      Last name:

2          Sex:            Male           Female            3     Marital status :            Single               Married

4          Citizenship :                              5     Date of birth :      /    /        (Day /Month/Y ear)          6     Place (city ) of birth :
7          Permanent address :                                                                                                   Telephone :
8          Address in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (leave blank if same as permanent                                         Telephone :
           address):                                                                                                             Mobile:
9          e-mail address:
Academic information

           Graduate study level you are applying:                  Master  PhD

           Program code(s) for which you are applying (see table of codes on the last page):

                First choice:                                                   Second choice:                                                 Third choice:

             Status:                   Full-time  Part-time                                   12                                       Applying For

                                       Regular  Transfer  Visiting                                    Academic year : 201__ - 201__                 Fall  Spring

13           University-level institutions attended and degrees obtained (most recent first):

                                                                                              City /
                               Institution                          WEB Address                              Dates attended          Field of study      CGPA*       Degree & date

             * Please attach a comparative mark/grade table if CGPA on the transcript / diploma is not out of 4.00. See the Application Procedure &
               Documents Required section.

             For Transfer Applications only: (Including transfers within Eastern Mediterranean University)
             Reason(s) for transfer:

                                                                                                                                                                      Total No of
                                                                                              City /
                    Current University / Institution                WEB Address                             Dates Attended           Field of Study      CGPA          Credits /
                                                                                                                                                                     Courses taken
14      Background or training in English : (Must be documented. See the Application Procedure & Documents Required section for details)
        (Not valid for the programs in which the medium of instruction is Turkish)

         Native speaker                           Graduate of an English-                 Proficiency demonstrated by (if any):
                                                 medium University.
                                                                                                                               Date Taken
                                                                                         English Language Test(s):                               Score
           Place of birth: ____________                                                                                      (Day/Month/Year)
            Citizenship: ______________
                                                                                          Paper-based
                                                                                          Computer-based
                                                                                          Internet-based
                                                                                        EMU English Proficiency Test
                                                                                        Other: …………………
        Other test(s) not specif ied above (if any):
        (Specif y)

15      Academic Proficiency Test Scores (if any):
         ALES : Verbal: ____, Quantitative: ____, Equally w eighted: ____
         GRE – Verbal: ____, Quantitative: ____, Analytical: ____
        Other test(s)/exam(s)/certifcations not specif ied above (if any):
        (Specif y)

16      Teaching or other academic experience (include institution, subject or discipline, dates) :

17      Publications:

18      Work experience (include employer, date, position held, and nature of job):

19      Give details of sub-areas/disciplines of interest within field of study you intend to study.

Financial details
20      Give details of any grant/scholarships that you have already been awarded (valid for your studentship at EMU) (add documents):

21      Give details of any application(s) for a grant/scholarship that you have made (add documents) :

22      Alternativ e sources of funding to support your studies at EMU (add documents):

23      Are you interested in apply ing for research/teaching assistantship at EMU?                       YES         NO
        (If your answer is YES, please apply to the concerned Department/Unit by filling Research Assistant Request Form, GS-RA-01 )
        Will you be able to support yourself financially if you are not granted an assistantship?         YES         NO
24      Are you a full time employee of EMU?      YES  NO                    If yes, indicate your current position :

25      Statement of Purpose / Intention:
        (Please submit on a separate sheet: Your purpose in applying to the program chosen, explaining your motivation as well as the areas of
        specialization whic h would be of interest to you within the discipline)

References (three names required)
26      Name                                    Title             Address                                                 Telephone    Email
Notification of the Acceptance / Rejection
27      A formal letter will be sent to your postal address. Please indicate if you wis h to be notif ied by any other means for the notif ication of the result of
        your application:

                   e-mail to my address           :
                   Fax to the number              :
        Please note that the result (acceptance/rejection) will also be posted on the Registrar’s WEB Page.

Application Procedure & Documents Required

         For an application to be considered, all of the follow ing documents must be submitted in person or mailed to the postal address given below
         before the deadline:
                   Graduate Admissions, Registrar’s Office,
                   P. O. BOX 95, GAZİMAĞUSA (T.R.N.C.) via Mersin-10, Turkey

         The application envelope/file should contain the following documents in the order indicated below :

                   1.   Fully completed application form (this document), signed and dated
                   2.  List of documents attached

                   3.  An official transcript of all university-level courses you have taken

                   4.  A comparative mark/grade table if CGPA on the transcript is not out of 4.00
                   5.  Attested photocopies of diplomas received from a university or equivalent institutions

                   6.  Documentation of scores received for English and academic proficiency exams/tests (see questions 14 and 15)

                   7.  Three letters of reference (not required for the graduates of EMU)

                   8.  Documents asked in questions: 20,21,22 and 25
                   9.  A photocopy of your passport or I.D. card

                   10.  A completed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

                   11.  Tw o passport-sized (approx. 6 cm x 5 cm) photographs

                   12.  Program specif ic documents:
                           Architecture ( PhD & Master): Portfolio

Additional Remarks by the Applicant

Name, Signature & Date
I hereby certify that all of the information supplied in this form and supporting documentation is true and complete, and I understand that the
submission of any false information will render this application null and void.

 Applicant’s Name                                                                                      Applicant’ s Signature                        Date
For official use only

                     Applicant’s Name :   ______________________________________
                     Program Code: ___________   Accepted  Rejected (Explain the reason for rejection below)
                     If Rejected:
                     Brief explanation of rejection:

                                                                                        Application can be reconsidered f or the academic year: 201_ -                  201__ _________ Semester

                     If Accepted:

                      Regular acceptance (The student can be enrolled in the graduate program)
                      Probational Acceptance (The student must attend a defic iency program including the following deficiency courses):
                         (List the course codes to be taken before enroll ment in the applied graduate program)

                                                                             Deficiency Courses                                                          Other conditions (if any):

                      The student is exempted from the following courses (for transfer students only ):
                            Course Code                                                                    Course Code in
                                                      EMU Course                                                                      EMU Course
                           in the Previous                                       Ref Code                   the Previous                                    Ref Code
                                                        Code                                                                            Code
                              University                                                                     University

                     Additional Remarks:

                                                                                                                                                                      (Signature & Date)
                                                                                                                                                                       Department Head
                     English Proficiency:
                                  Proficient  Missing documents of English proficiency:
                                                            (The student shoul d take the plac ement exam if not well doc umented before registration)

                                  Should take the EMU English Placement Exam

                     Additional rem arks:
                      Computer check
                      EMU English Placement Exam notification

                                                                                                                                                                     (Signature & Date)
                                                                                                                                                                    Approval of the Director
                                                                                                                                                          Institute of Graduate Studies & Research

                      Computer check
                      Notifying the department (s) (electronic copy of the reply to the student)
  R E G IS T R A R

                      Notifying the student

                                                                                                                                                                                         (Date& initial)
                                           PROGRAM CODES

             PhD Program s                            Master Program s with Thesi s              Master Program s without The si s

612   PhD in Economics                          510   MBA in Business Administration           511   MBA in Business Administration
613   PhD in International Relations            51H   MA in Marketing Management               51HA  MA in Marketing Management
621   PhD in Electrical and Electronic          512   MS in Economics                          512-A MS in Economics
      Engineering                               513   MA in International Relations            513A  MA in International Relations
622 PhD in Civil Engineering                    514   MS in Banking and Finance                514-A MS in Banking and Finance
623 PhD in Mechanical Engineering               521   MS in Electrical and Electronic          527   MS in Construction Technology &
625 PhD in Computer Engineering                       Engineering                                    Management (Dept. of Civil Eng.)
626 PhD in Industrial Engineering               522 MS in Civil Engineering                    540 MS in Information Systems
641-A PhD in Mathematics                        523 MS in Mechanical Engineering                     (Department of Mathematics)
641-B PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer   525 MS in Computer Engineering                 54GB MS in Developmental Psychology
      Science                                   526 MS in Industrial Engineering               552 MS in Tourism Management
642 PhD in Physics                              541-A MS in Mathematics                        571-A M.Arch in Architecture
643 PhD in Chemistry                            541-B MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer   572A M.Int.Arc. in Interior Architecture
6A1 PhD in English Language Teaching (ELT)            Science                                  571-B M.Arch in Architecture (in Turkish)
6A8 PhD in Educational Sciences                 542 MS in Physics                              584 MA in Visual Arts and Vis ual
671 PhD in Architecture                         543 MS in Chemistry                                 Communication Design
680 PhD in Communication & Media Studies        544 MA in English Language and Literature
                                                548 MA in Turkish Language and Literature
                                                54F MA in Eastern Mediterranean Studies
                                                54GA MS in Developmental Psychology
                                                551 MS in Tourism Management
                                                561 LL.M in Law (in Turkish)
                                                5A1 MA in English Language Teaching (ELT)
                                                5A8 M.Ed in Educational Sciences
                                                571 MS in Architecture
                                                572 MS in Interior Architecture
                                                574 M.UD in Urban Design
                                                580 MA in Communication and Media

                                                        Online Master Programs                         Online Master Programs
                                                              with Thesi s                                  without Thesi s

                                                51GA MS in Banking and Finance Executive       51GB MS in Banking and Finance Executive
                                                    Program                                        Program
                                                                                               553 MS in e-Hospitality Management