Caba Mdeni Integrated Energy Centre

Caba-Mdeni IeC is situated in Magadla village (Matatiele). It operates within the
jurisdiction of Matatiele Local Municipality, which is part of the Alfred Nzo District
Municipality in the Eastern Cape. The IeC was launched on 4 December 2004 by
former Deputy Minister Lulu Xingwana.


The Caba Mdeni Integrated Energy Centre Co-operative owns and manage the IeC.

The Board of Directors has representatives from the three primary cooperatives, with
DME, SASOL, Alfred Nzo District Municipality and Matatiele Municipality members
serving as ex-officio members. The chairperson of the Board is Mr Dan Mafunda. His
contact number is 079 534 1768.
The following services and products are available at the IeC:

      Petrol
      Diesel
      LP Gas
      Candles
      Clean bottled Paraffin
      lubricants and Beverages

Job creation

More than 60 short term jobs were created during construction phase. Half           of these
employees were women 20% were young people.

The current permanent staff is 10: Centre Manager (female), 2 Cashiers (females), 4
patrol attendants (2 male and 2 females), 2 security guards (males) and a public
phones operator (female).

SMME Development

A number of projects that are designed to promote SMME development and create jobs
were initiated at Caba Mdeni IeC site. These include:
          Tourism Arts & Craft project funded by Alfred Nzo District Municipality
          Vodacom public phones worth R17000 bought by IeC
          Car battery charging machine R4000 bought by IeC
          Cell phones airtime voucher machine R3500 bought by IeC
          ESKOM vending machine –electricity cards (R10 000)
          Car battery charging machine
          Baking and Catering project also funded by Alfred Nzo District Municipality
          Currently Agricultural project for food security being started by Alfred Nzo DM

Success stories

          In 7 months Caba Mdeni IeC managed to pay off its consignment stock (worth
           R272,000.00) to SASOL .
          Since October 2005 the Caba Mdeni IeC managed to pay salaries of all
           employees from its coffers.
          On top of this the Iec is able to save not less than R6000.00 per month from its
           net profit.
          Because of the existence of the IeC in the area, Vodacom installed a network
           coverage Tower and now cell phones can be used
          DME spent about R3 million on electricity infrastructure for the IeC and about 800
           households around the IeC have since been electrified by Eskom.
          Alfred Nzo donated about R300 000.00 worth wooden structures (cabins) for use
           by the IeC sub projects (Tourism Arts & Craft projects, Sewing, Pre-school &
          Members of the cooperatives were paid dividends of R300.00 per head in

The following entities assisted in the formation and running of the IeC:

      Alfred Nzo District Municipality
      Mzimvubu Local Municipality
      SASOL

The manager of the IeC is Ms Debra Makalima and her contact number is 082 209
The DME official responsible for Integrated Energy Centres and energy advisory
services in the Eastern Cape is Mr Makhosonke Boyce Plaatjies. His Contact number
is: 082 413 6354
Email: boyce.plaatjies@dme.gov.za

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