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					                                                          Far Eastern University
     Far Eastern University                       Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation
Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation
    Medical Alumni Society, Inc.                            BOARD OF TRUSTEES
        Officers 2008-2010                       Chairman: JOSEPHINE C. REYES, Ed.D
                                                  Vice Chairman: NICANOR C. REYES III                                Far Eastern University
   WILFREDO Y. TAYAG, MD                                                                                     Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation
         President                                               MEMBERS                                  MEDICAL ALUMNI SOCIETY, INC. (Philippines)
+ RAMON EDGARDO C. ROÑO, MD                             LOURDES R. MONTINOLA                                            cordially invites you to the
         Vice President                                   PRISCILLA A. REYES
 ELIZABETH AHYONG-REYES, MD                              Atty. ANTONIO H. ABAD                               35th ANNUAL ALUMNI HOMECOMING
           Secretary                                     DANIEL C. FABITO, MD                                      SCIENTIFIC CONVENTION
                                                        ELIZABETH P. MELCHOR                                              and the celebration of
                                                       ENRIQUE ROBERT C. REYES
      Assistant Secretary                                                                                              GOLDEN (Class 1960) and
                                                       REYNALDO B. DE VEGA, MD
    LINDA D. TAMESIS, MD                                JOAQUIN JOSE L. REYES                                        SILVER (Class 1984) JUBILEE
                                                  OFFICERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION                                              with the theme
      Assistant Treasurer                              REMEDIOS T. HABACON, MD                          “A Touch of the FEUNRMF Jubilarians: Balance,
   VIC FILETO T. CHUA, MD                               Dean, Institute of Medicine                               Wholeness and Well-being”
             Auditor                                  POLICARPIO B. JOVES JR., MD                                      January 13-16, 2010
RAYMUND ANDREW G. ONG, MD                                    Assistant Dean                                         Dr. Ricardo L. Alfonso Hall,
             P.R.O.                                    REYNALDO B. DE VEGA, MD                                5th floor, FEU-NRMF Medical Center
SONNY MATIAS E. HABACON, MD                                 Medical Director                               Regalado Ave., West Fairview, Quezon City
   Immediate Past President
    JOEY U. URANZA, MD                                    DEANE CAMPO-CRUZ, MD
                                                                                                     GRAND ALUMNI, GOLDEN & SILVER JUBILARIAN
        Liaison Officer                                       Chief of Clinics
    BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                           January 16, 2010
                                               REGISTRATION FEE:                                           SOFITEL Philippine Plaza, Manila
 LIBERATO C. DE LA ROSA, MD                                                                                    Luzon/Visayas Ballroom
     NOE P. SAN JOSE, MD               New Life members     3,500.00   –   Registration                  CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
   REY H. DE LOS REYES, MD                                                 (inclusive of dinner)
                                       Life members          500.00    –   Dinner only                                            Honorees
   FERDINAND R. DUQUE, MD                                                  (no registration fee)
    ROBERTO B. ACUÑA, MD               Non-Life members     1,500.00   –   Registration & Dinner   Class ‟60 (50th Anniversary)                 th
                                                                                                                                   Class ‟84 (25 Anniversary)
                                                                                                                th                               th
                                       Guest (Non-Alumni)   1,200.00   –   Dinner                  Class ‟64 (45 Anniversary       Class ‟89 (20 Anniversary)
                                                                                                                th                               th
                                                                                                   Class ‟69 (40 Anniversary)      Class ‟94 (15 Anniversary)
                                                                                                                th                               th
                                                                                                   Class ‟74 (35 Anniversary)      Class ‟99 (10 Anniversary)
                                          FREE OF CHARGE FOR:          _   Golden Jubilarians                   th                              th
                                                                                                   Class ‟79 (30 Anniversary)      Class ‟04 (5 Anniversary)
                                                                       _   Class 1957 – 1961

                                                                                                                        (This serves as an invitation)

                                                                                                                 Accredited CME/PMA Units _____________
JANUARY 13, 2010 (WEDNESDAY)                                     JANUARY 15, 2010 (FRIDAY)                                                              ORGANIZING COMMITTEE
                                                                 A.M.                                                                         DR. ABIGAIL ELSIE DE GUZMAN-CASTRO ‘84
A.M. 7:00      Golf Tournament
                                                                  9:00 – 9:40    “Migration of Doctors to USA”                                            Over-all Chairman
               Ayala Greenfields Estates Golf and                                                                                                     DR. LANI VADIL-ASPER ‘84
               Country Club, Calamba, Laguna                      Speaker :      HERMINIGILDO V. VALLE, M.D.                                             Over-all Co-chairman

JANUARY 14, 2010 (THURSDAY)                                       9:40 - 10:20 “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”:                SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES
                                                                               Nutraceuticals in Health and Disease             Chairman                -   DR. RANDY P. URTULA „84
A.M.                                                                                                                            Co-Chairman             -   DR. ROMULO JACINTO S. DE VILLA „84
                                                                  Speaker :    ROMULO JACINTO S. DE VILLA, M.D
 8:00 – 10:00 Registration                                                                                                      Members                 -   DR. JOSE RAVEL BARTOLOME „89
                                                                  10:20 –10:40 Open Forum                                       WAYS & MEANS
 8:30 – 9:30   Holy Mass, FEUNRMF Medical Center Chapel                                                                         Chairman                -   DR. MANOLITO R. REYES „84
                                                                  Moderator: DELIA MACEDA-PATAWARAN, MD
 9:30 –10:00   Breakfast, 5th flr. Dr. Ricardo L. Alfonso Hall                                                                  Co-chairman             -   DR. TESS AVELINO-SHIODA „84
                                                                  10:40 –11:20   “The Osteoporotic Bone”: Effects of            Member                  -   DR. EFREN DELOS SANTOS „60
 10:00–10:10 Opening of Commercial Exhibits                                      Anti-Osteoporosis Agents on Fracture Healing                           -   DR. JOSE PEPITO ORETA „64
                                                                                                                                                        -   DR. JOEY TOLENTINO „84
 10:10 –10:45 32nd Dr. Lauro H. Panganiban Memorial               Speaker :    CONSUELO PALILEO-MACALALAD, M.D.
                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL EXHIBITS
              Lecture 5th floor Dr. Ricardo L. Alfonso Hall       11:20 – 2:00 “ ‟Eye‟ Care because We Care”:                   Chairman            -       DR. BENJAMIN A. BALMORES JR., „84
                _                                                                                                               Co-chairman         -       DR. CESAR M. ONG „84
                                                                  Speaker :      MANOLITO R. REYES, M.D                         Member              -       DR. RAMON O. ALAVA „84
 Speaker :     MARITA REYES, MD
                                                                  Moderator:     LEILA SAN ANDRES-SOLAS, M.D.                   PROGRAM, INVITATION & SOUVENIR
 10:45–12:00 Student‟s Achievement Award                         P.M.
                                                                                                                                Chairman            -   DR CONSUELO PALILEO-MACALALAD „84
                                                                                                                                Co-Chairman         -   DR. HERMINIGILDO V. VALLE „84
             Presentation of FEU-DNRSMAF Scholars                                                                               Members             -   DR. NIDA BLANKAS-HERNAEZ „84
                                                                  12:00 –1:30    Luncheon Symposium                                                 -   DR. GRACE RALLECA-TUNGOL „84
P.M.                                                                             Rehydration and Racecadotril: A Synergy in                         -   DR. ARNOLD O. BAUTISTA „89
 12:00 –1:30   Luncheon Symposium                                                Childhood Acute Diarrhea                       REGISTRATION .
                                                                                                                                Chairman            -   DR. ALEGRIA MUÑOZ ‟84
               Feeding the Patient, and not the Cancer            Speaker :      RANDY P. URTULA, MD                            Co-Chairman         -   DR. MACARIO DIAZ „83
 Speaker :     ROMULO JACINTO S. DE VILLA, MD                                                                                   Member              -   DR. RISSA PECHO „84
                                                                  1:30 – 2:00    “Stretch, Cut and Suck”” The Truth About                           -   DR. POLLY CHUA-CHAN „89
 1:30 – 2:00   President‟s Report                                                Make- over Procedures                                              -   DR. DOLORES VILIRAN „89
                                                                                                                                                    -   DR HUMPREY BITUN „94
 2:00 – 2:45   Panel Discussions: X Men and Women:                Speaker :      ENRICO C. VALERA, MD                                               -   DR. CHERYL MAY C. TAN „94
               Untangling Syndrome X                                                                                                                -   DR. LAUREEN NOGUERA-VINCO „04
                                                                  Moderator:     TESS AVELINO-SHIODA, MD                        GOLF TOURNAMENT
 Panelist :    Nephrologist - BENJAMIN A. BALMORES JR., MD        2:00 – 2:30    “Anti-Aging”: Dermatologists‟ View             Chairman            -   DR. MIGUEL CAMPOS „84
                                                                                                                                Co-chairman         -   DR. GIL MADERAZO „84
               Cardiologist - _________________________           Speaker :      NILO Y. RIVERA. MD                             Member              -   DR. EDGARD CASTRO „84
               Endocrinologist - ROBERTO C. MIRASOL, MD                                                                                             -   DR. ARSENIO PASCUAL JR „84
 2:45 – 3:00   Break/visit to exhibits                            Moderator:     GRACE RALLECA-TONGOL, MD                                           -   DR. RENATO PERALTA „84
                                                                                                                                                    -   DR. CARLITO DOMINGO „84
 3:00 – 3:30   “Andropause”: What‟s it all About?                 2:30 - 2:45    Visit to exhibits
                                                                                                                                PHYSICAL ARRANGEMENTS
                                                                  2:45 – 3:15    Investing in our future: New Vaccines for      Chairman          -         DR. ALVIN VIBAR „89
 Speaker :     HERMENIGILDO G. ANGELES JR., MD                                                                                                              DR. ROBERTO B. ACUÑA „89
                                                                                 energy Diseases                                Co-chairman       -
 3:30 – 4:00   Hormone Replacement Therapy: Quo vadis?                                                                          Member            -         DR. FERDINAND R. DUQUE „94
                                                                  Speaker :      NIDA BLANKAS-HERNAEZ, MD                                         -         DR. WINSTON ABESAMIS „99
 Speaker :     ANNA BELEN I. ALENSUELA, MD                                                                                                        -         DR. RONALD LICUP „99
                                                                  Moderator:     CESAR M. ONG, MD                               PUBLICITY
 Moderator:    ESMERALDO T. ILEM, MD                                                                                            Chairman          -         DR. ABRAHAM BAYAN „84
                                                                  3:01 - 3:45    “The Financial Fallback”: Investing in         Co-chairman       -         DR. JOSE U. URANZA „69
 4:00-4:30     “The Benefit of a Sound Mind and Body”                            These Trying times                             Member            -         DR. ARCHIE R. ADAMOS „84
               Keeping One‟s Sanity in this Crazy World           Speaker    :   MR. BEN THOMAS P. PANARES                      SOCIALS & HOSPITALITY
                                                                                                                                Chairman            -       DR. ESMERALDO T. ILEM „84
 Speaker :     RAMON O. ALAVA, M.D.                               Moderator: ARCHIE R. ADAMOS, MD                               Co-chairman         -       DR. ZORAYA ZUÑIGA-MACARAEG „84
                                                                                                                                Member              -       DR. BELINDA BASACA-SALAZAR ‟84
 Moderator:    ZORAYA ZUÑIGA-MACARAEG, M.D.                      JANUARY 16, 2010 (SATURDAY)
                                                                 P.M. 6:00       GRAND ALUMNI and JUBILARIAN NIGHT              Chairman                -   DR. FE VILLEGAS-ILAGAN „84
                                                                                 Luzon / Visayas Ballroom                       Co-Chairman             -   DR. LEILA SAN ANDRES-SOLAS „84
                                                                                 SOFITEL Philippine Plaza Manila
The Annual Alumni Homecoming, Golden (class 1960)
and Silver Jubilee (class 1984) celebration of the FEU-
NRMF Medical Alumni Society will be held on January
13-16, 2010 with the theme “A Touch of the FEUNRMF
Jubilarians: Balance, Wholeness and Well-being”.

On January 14 (Thursday) we will have a Thanksgiving
mass at 8:30 in the morning at the FEU Medical Center
chapel, Fairview, Quezon City. After the mass we will
have a breakfast, followed by the 32nd Dr. Lauro H.
Panganiban Memorial Lecture.

The Scientific Sessions will start in the afternoon at
1:30 and the whole day of January 15 (Friday) from 9:00
a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Grand, Golden and Silver Jubilarians Night will be on
January 16 (Saturday) at 6:00 p.m. at the SOFITEL
Philippine Plaza Manila. Dinner will be served at 6:30 in
the evening.

In this connection, may we invite you to actively
participate in our activities. Also please help us reach your
classmates and other alumni by giving us information
of their whereabouts. This will help us a lot in sending
them information of our future homecomings.#