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Xiao Ming Xiao Ming and small monkey hat


									Xiao Ming and small monkey hat Xiao Ming

 Xiao Ming monkey tree hat

 Xiao Ming and small monkeys

  Xiao Ming and small monkeys
  Guangdong Yangchun Estuary center in the third grade classes and Liu Yi
  one day, Xiao Ming carrying bags to bounce to go to school. Suddenly, the wind
Xiaoming see little monkeys jumping around merrily in the trees. Xiao Ming saw,
with one finger pointed to several monkeys, like Doudou monkeys. Unexpectedly, a
small monkey with one hand the branches of trees, stretching out a ha nd over, the
little hat snatched out.

 mischievous little monkey put this hat on head, Yaotouhuangnao to the other partners,
said: "Look! Me more power and prestige!"

 Xiao Ming was furious the monkey , walking under the trees. Xiao Ming would like
a tree to catch the monkey, but monkey jumping around in the trees, how not to catch.

 monkey in a tree playing with a face directed at small-Ming said: "Come on! Come
and arrested me! Fast! Coward!" Angry and raised his fist Xiaoming said: "You ---- -
You ------!" that I could not come. Tree monkey laugh: "You fool! Fool!"

 Xiao Ming anxious, exclaimed: "You do not give me a hat to see how do I fix you!"
Said, Xiao Ming to pick up a stone and threw it to the monkeys. Happens to be small
monkeys caught. Xiaoming monkeys again to throw him over a stone, a small
monkey they caught that tossed ------ go.

 Xiao Ming thought: This stone tossed into the not help it, they can not even return
my hat. So he walked away.

  just go halfway, Xiao Ming thought of a way. Xiao Ming went to a tree next to the
smile on the monkey say: "Hey! Monkey who go to school when I happen to see a lot
of bananas." Little monkeys listened to, saliva to flow out of small say so : "Hey! can
take our pick bananas there?" little say so: "O f course not! But there are master most
like to eat monkeys." little monkey said: "You brought me more bananas." little say so:
"There's a lot of bananas, and more is! However, I hold not live so many bananas,
borrow some of your hat with a purpose." listened to the little monkey, obediently the
hat to the Xiao Ming. Also a small say so: "To Kuaiqukuaihui, let's hurry to eat
bananas!" Xiao Ming was wearing a hat, a small monkey on a tree, said: "Little
monkey, I'm going to go to school, pick your own bananas now! "angry little monkeys
in the trees motionless, staring at tight Xiao Ming.
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