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 wood frog story
 wood frog story
 Ninghua Chen Ning and validate Hui

  There was once a carpenter, he made a wooden frog. The wood frog can sing, speak,
can walk, will be dancing ... ...
  carpenter left see the right look, feel less of its face something.
  wood frog old carpenter asked.
  "do not know," said Wood frog.
  later thought of the old carpenter, had a cry, so he told the wood frog, said: "The cry
is very important. If your things are taken away by anyone, and you cry, it will also to
you. If you encounter difficulties, you cry, well-meaning people listened, will come to
help you. " So the carpenter on wood frog's face carved in a crying expression.
  few days later, a carpenter on the wood frog out of the house, said: "The outside
world is so big, you go to see." Finished, put the door shut.
  tree frogs for a while, saw an elephant, it is the joke here is the king. Go look at the
wood frog. King joke jokes when everyone laughed. But wood frogs, it does not laugh,
but cry. Elephant saw this face, once with its long nose Gouqi wood frog, and threw
him far better.
  wood frog extremely aggrieved, headache dead, stand up, it tears. Then do not know
where to jump out of a small rabbit, the little rabbit is very beautiful, but like others
that it is beautiful. It saw wood frogs, said: "I am beautiful?" Wood frogs did not say a
word began to cry. Small rabbit saw said: "It was like therapy for you, read you do not
speak to me." Finished and went away.
  moment, a witch flying over, nodded his wand, wood frogs actually do not hurt, but
with human facial expressions - smile. It turns out that witches could smell the air of
sad taste.
  cry is important, however, is not laughing enough.

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