With them in mind with the mind of sericulture

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					With them in mind with the mind sericulture

 silkworm silkworms with them in mind sericulture

  with the mind of Spring recovery, warm spring has arrived.
  one night, my father suddenly realized last spring, raising the silkworms eggs, he
said to me: "The weather is so warm, silkworms have been hatched in the will not
you?" We quickly find the equipment silkworm eggs the box, I saw a few silkworms
in the outside really crawling around, they are smaller than the ants, the body the dark.
Then we opened the box look, which is covered with dense to silkworms, with a total
of six of the 700, right? The whole box like ants. My! I am scared scalp tingling, "ah
----" to long cried, quickly broke down the door and hid room. After a child, I think in
fact it has nothing to fear, it came out that they had observed. I see they did not eat,
they quickly adopted urging my father to Mulberry.
  the beginning of the days, silkworms eat very province, three days also eat mulberry
leaves. While eating province, they are long, quite fast, the body gradually becomes
brown color, and then they gradually become gray. Silkworms are eating more and
more crazy then just go down a few minutes covered with mulberry silkworm, and
after a half an hour, eat mulberry leaves were full of holes, then after a while child, on
the left with only vein of the heap.
  are so greedy, because the leaf is not enough, so we decided to raise silkworms sent
to others.
  So, we took most of the silkworms to the school gate, they are sent to the school's
students. Assigned to students who are excitedly Strip silkworm home. I hope that
they can be fed in the other house full of!
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