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 with a blue sky

 with a blue sky
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 can be pretty early in the morning, I opened the window, a group of pigeons in the
blue sky free to soar, but my heart is not happy.

 noon sun hung high in the sky, lit up the earth warm in, but I do not feel the warmth.

 In the evening, the sunset reflected the twilight sky were gorgeous, but I am
particularly heavy heart.

 in March, the warmth of spring is the season of hope. When we quiet the campus to
read and write; when we are the sunshine of spring outing; when we enjoy a happy
childhood, do not know what is the taste of hunger Shique not far away from our
place in Iraq war. Where children face every day is not flowers and sunshine, but the
bombs and death! Their quiet lives are shattered guns invaders, the original is also
clear skies but now shrouded in the shadow of war. Listen, the aggressors fire
exploding in their homes; you can see, both helpless eyes filled with tears of fear and
longing for a better life. Ah! At this moment, I would like to become more beautiful
angel, with a magic wand in the hands of the aggressors to lay down their arms; I
would like to become a skiff carrying more Iraqi children heading for happiness; I
would like to become more peaceful ambassador to the world without war!

 we call for peace, we do not need war, we hope that all the world's children are in a
blue sky with happiness, freedom, and healthy growth!

 Tutor: Sun Min Chi
 Comment: Yes, it is a good children

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