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 Wilderness Lodge guide sister

 Tour Wilderness Resort

 Tour Wilderness Resort
 Guangdong Province, Guangzhou South China Normal University the school to third
grade (5) Class Deng Siqi
 9 月 28 Day, sunny, cool autumn wind to our third grade teachers and students sent
to all fields of beautiful Villa. Get off, we saw a group of tour guides dressed in
beautiful brothers and sisters uniform, a neat row of teams are welcome to come too!

 Villa in the wilderness, we play the maze, pottery, see monkeys, also went to observe
the star fruit star fruit forest, and finally held a fierce tug of war.

  tour guide took us to the sister first observation of star fruit star fruit forest. She told
us, star fruit, there are two, one is more prominent appearance, viewed from the side,
like a blue five-pointed star, it is called sweet carambola. Another shape is not very
prominent, sharp little touched Department, it is called sour starfruit.

 after watching the star fruit, we went to visit the pottery museum, I see people
moving to do, some of them do vases, cups and some do, some do baskets, etc., to do
his work with the real things very much alike.

 tour guide took us to his sister finally went to see the monkey (monkeys in a), is the
character like "bully", like what is the law? Such as: "bully" to go on the road, other
monkeys had to give way. This is the "bully" nature, not only this, is it still more!

 Time passes quickly, it is noon, and we are satisfied to take a guided tour sister to
canteen to eat the food there can be enriching! Rice and a corn cob cut into a piece of
ham mixed with food. Plus chicken wings, sweet potato, chips, bananas. We ate with

 lunch, the tour guide took us to the sister Maze, a maze, but this stumped us, try a lot
of the road before going out. We walked two or three consecutive maze.

 I was most impressed by the number of activities to be a tug of war game. Our
opponents are 3 (4) classes. Guided sister out "start", we Pinmingdiwang his side pull,
the hand grasp the rope Bu Songshou. First we have absolute supremacy over the four
classes. The second we won. The third field is final, and three (1) Bambi began, we
have made all his strength, and teachers continue to give us fuel, but opponents pull
the rope out of control to be passed.
 in our class finally got a "collective Award." Although we have had zero titles, but
we still had a great time.

 Instructor: Zhang Wenjuan

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