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					Wild parrot like parrot

 parrot feathers like wire

 wild parrot

  wild parrot in Huainan City, Anhui Province, Huainan City, Normal school to three
( 1) Ban Zhang Siyuan
  parrot like to stop at the same wire as the swing, a pair of small red paw gripping
wires. It is the color of feathers is very bright. The feathers of the head as with red and
yellow dichroic jewelry, feathers like the back of the green dress. Abdominal feathers
like a yellow shirt glistened. A pair of black light and bright eyes following long with
a fiery red lips curved like hooks.

 parrot song crisp, like foraging in the fields, saw it just dancing, blink of an eye, it
falls on the other side of the field.

  likes to eat insects, wheat, dishes of things. The high wire when it saw things like the
fields, they will dive down with the fastest speed, grabs something to fly back to cable,
the fear of being caught farmers.

 I really want to catch a parrot to keep, another thought, they sure love flying freely in
nature, do not want to be bound in the cage. Only when the parrot flew appreciate its
beautiful figure.

 Instructor: Mei Gui
 Comment: eloquent language, written in a very cute little parrot.

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