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Waterfront home waterfront home


									Waterfront home waterfront home

 waterfront home Huludao beautiful

 native of the coastal

 native of the coastal
 subsidiary of Huludao Teachers Choi Tsz Primary School for three years a group of
 My hometown in Huludao, it is a beautiful coastal city. Especially Longwan beach,
beautiful great.

  a door you can see the golden beach, the beach there are various, colorful shells,
infinite in number. The sea is more beautiful, the sun light in the sea, issued a Road
gold. There are fishing boats at sea, if a network go to vote, soon, we pulled to many
fish. If you feel boring, you can also play speed boats, speed boats if the opening up
fast like a train-like, also set off a layer behind the wave. If you lie on the beach
watching days, is even more beautiful. Blue sky with white gulls flying yet, like sky
blue and the sea even on the whole thing. Some children also used a heap of sand
castles, good time can be much fun ... ...

 My friends, my home is not beautiful you? You are not also do like my hometown?

 Instructor: Song Yinghui

 Submission :2004-3-620: 55:01
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