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Visit Visit Tower Tower


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									Visit the Tower tour Tower

 visit to Victoria Peak Tower 一座

 visit to Tower

  tower visit Qingdao, Shandong Province Chongqing South Road, the second
fourth-grade class Xu Yalun
  normal, especially at night, we stood on the heights will see Victoria Peak stands a
tower, sparkling, very beautiful and spectacular. The tower called the Qingdao TV
& Sightseeing Tower. A set of practical television tourism and tourism
broadcast television transmission tower steel multi-function. I very much want to see
it more air.

 finally a sunny morning, the teacher took us to visit the tower, I am extremely

 foot tower we came, I saw the tower was colorful flowers and surrounded by lush
green trees. Close look at TV Tower can clearly see the whole tower is:
spherical-shaped base, steel frame structure, the tower body, butterfly tower, tower
and mast-type cable spherical five parts. 232 m high tower, like a rocket, inserted at
the Peak on. Known as "China's first steel tower."

  we walked into the "Olympic hall." I looked up and there are numerous light ceiling
light, like starry sky. I also saw a speech of the table, the teacher told us it was bid live
on-site, it reminds me of the moment won the Olympic bid.

 and then we took the elevator to the ninth floor arc "spin room", it can make the
dinner while watching the beautiful side of Qingdao.

 on a narrow staircase, we came to the open-air platform, go to the Yuan Wang,
Qingdao day, sea, mountain unaware blending, the vastness of a thousand miles, the
beautiful panoramic view of Qingdao, red roofs and green tree, blue sky, fresh shows.
Small Qingdao, trestle, Colorado, 54 square be displayed before my eyes, I could not
help but exclaimed; "Qingdao really beautiful ah!"

 we take the elevator to the third floor. We came to the third floor of the Olympic Hall,
we know that the Olympic slogan "faster, higher, stronger."

 We took the elevator to the second floor, second floor, the words we visited Qingdao,
visited this exhibition we know that several cultural figures, such as the Japanese
invasion of China, visited the exhibition in Qingdao I love it!
 We took the elevator has intimidated the first floor, I reluctantly left the tower.

 TV tour not only provided us with colorful TV programs, but also a magnificent
Castle. I love you --- TV!
 Instructor: high Shikun

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