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					Visit the Ningbo Museum Museum

  museum visit Ningbo in Ningbo as
  museum built! The good news like the wind blowing in Ningbo, Ningbo, I as a
citizen, of course, going to see, learn about the history and culture of Ningbo.
  very Ningbo Museum of external features, not just a color, a black tiles, gray bricks,
tiles and other orange. Some quaint architectural style, but also some modern people
seem very sense of history and very beautiful.
  version of the exhibition in Ningbo Museum exhibition, Gold and Silver Palace
exhibition (through the exhibits to the Forbidden City), bamboo exhibition, "Allah
Ningbo" folk culture exhibition and the "Oriental Shenzhou" exhibition. I was
impressed, "Allah Ningbo" exhibition of the folk culture, which has purchased the
first boat Ningbo model, also saw the old port of Ningbo scene - someone in the
customs declaration, there are businessmen making a deal, some workers repair of
vessels, to boom, including the digital simulation of scenarios, realistic wax, are as
real. "Terminal" next, there is a "street", there are many old and famous shops, Ningbo,
are simulated Virtual display. "Imperial House" restaurant has a liberal table, "House
Shigeki" sauce shops with jars of soy sauce, "Zhao great" Gaotuan shop with gold
group, "Ting Zhai all" pharmacies in a traditional Chinese medicine, "Sun
Microsystems Thailand "specialties, peanuts, red bean shop," cylinder duck dog "of
Ningbo gnocchi snack shop, signs are painting a dog, a duck, a cylinder.
  Ningbo Museum of the corridor a few computers for visitors to use, you can query to
the Ningbo Museum of the lot.
, Ningbo Museum really good!

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